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Moving on From March 11

March 11 or 3/11, as it is often referred will be forever ingrained in the minds of many who suffered around the Tohoku region. First at the hands of a devastating mega earthquake and then compounded by the deadly rush of violent tsunamis washing away

3:11 Tohoku, Japan – The Great East Japan Earthquake

2.46pm on March 11 or 3/11 is marked in the nation’s calendar every year as the day that literally shook all of Modern Japan. Born from an Earthquake measuring at massive 9.1 in magnitude, it lasted for an estimated 6 minutes with shakes being felt

English Friendly Restaurant Search Page – from Tokyo Govt.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government has recently just built a search page listing English friendly restaurant choices in the local area, with support for other languages too. In response to the growing number of visitors and foreign residents alike, they hope to capture more of the

Yokohama – Best Place to Live in Tokyo; Survey

The largest port in Japan and home to the largest China Town is Yokohama, which has just been named the most popular place to live in the broader Tokyo area, according to a survey by Suumo. The company which runs both an informative real estate

The Main Difference Between 「は」and「が」

For those who even have a little experience studying Japanese, you will eventually stumble over a common question, what are the key differences between「は」and「が」? Some of you may have come across them before and initially thought their uses are very similar, if not the same.

Hina Matsuri – Japan’s Traditional Celebration for Young Girls

In a country where blinding LEDs billboards and rich ancient traditions compete for relevance in the growing tourism sector, Hina Matsuri (雛祭り or ひなまつり) prevails on March 3 every year as a historical cultural festival to celebrate Japan’s younger female children. Sometimes referred to as

The Differences in Use Between「を」and「が」

As we continue to explore the difference in Japanese particles, we will look at two which are particularly useful. These are used for distinguishing objects and identifying unknowns, namely 「を」 and 「が」 respectively. If you’re new to Japanese particles, you may be interested to read

Renewing your Working Holiday Visa in Japan

As a deeply, proudly, lazy person the thought of renewing my Working Holiday Visa without any sort of guidance was a non-option. I couldn’t find a comprehensive article online, but after asking everybody I know, getting knee deep into Reddit shit-posts, and experiencing it for

Shinjuku Gyoen

Shinjuku Gyoen (新宿御苑 or しんじゅくぎょえん) is probably one of Tokyo’s most treasured and picturesque parks. It is nature’s escape surrounded by the district’s sprawling concrete jungle and is easy to appreciate the vivid colour and rich beauty of this paradise all year round. Particularly gorgeous