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The Complex Train System

Especially for those of you trying to navigate through the complex train system of subways, bullet trains and other modes of transportation during your visit in Japan, fear not. There are some user friendly ways available at your finger tips, either via your smartphone or an internet browser to help you plan your trip.

Google Maps

Probably the easiest application to use for the train system is Google maps, which is universally available over most mobile phone platforms or via your web browser, etc. Simply typw in your desired destination, and let your GPS do the rest in terms of locating your current position, you can then use it to work out the most efficient bus/train/walk combination that will be most convenient for you. This app will also usually provide the platform number and general direction of the train you are boarding to help you clarify. There are a number of customisation options too, especially for the train system this is one of the easiest apps to use.


Another helpful resource for the train network is Hyperdia, which is an English based website, that can be used to navigate the train system to any station. Using this website, you have many customisation options available at your finger tips, and after completing your search it will usually provide you with a range of options, showing the most efficient route, to the cheapest, and more. It will also most of the time provide you with useful details like platform number, and general direction of the train. You can access this site via:

Of course, if you are really in a pickle or don’t have access to wi-fi, simply ask one of the friendly train staff, because even if they don’t speak English, they will try their best to help via gestures, maps and the like. Don’t be shy now 🙂

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