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Monthly Archives: July 2017

Journey in Japan Part 19: Let’s Go To Space, Brother

Today I decide to check out another temple. I lazily take the subway train just one stop, then change for the bus. The bus takes fifteen minutes and costs me ¥230. My destination is Rokuon-ji Temple. One part of the temple grounds is called Kinkaku-ji, or the

Journey in Japan Part 18: Prelude to a Quiche

The Kaleidoscope Museum is literally a museum with a twist. There are fifty different Kaleidoscopes on display, from a growing collection of about 150. Some are very valuable, crafted by famous artists from around the world. I learn that the word kaleidoscope comes from the Greek words, kalos meaning ‘beautiful’, eidos meaning

Journey in Japan Part 17: Cicadas of the Lost Park

Today I wake up at 8am. I go outside and take a short wander. It seems that Kyoto is still sleeping. I return to the hostel to steal a few more hours myself. At 11am, it seems that Kyoto is still sleeping. Shops are closed. Nothing

Your Guide to Katakana – Japanese Writing System 2

Katakana Guide Katakana (カタカナ) is another component of the Japanese writing system, mainly used for foreign or loan words used within the Japanese Language. It is very similar to Hiragana in terms of outright sounds, and similarly each symbol represents either a vowel or consonant

Your Guide to Hiragana – Japanese Writing System 1

Hiragana Guide < Hiragana (ひらがな) is one of three writing systems (including Katakana and Kanji) used for the Japanese Language. It forms the the fundamental core of sounds and writing used in Japanese. As a learner of the language, this is one of the first

The Return of Gohan – Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super’s 100th Episode As a tribute to Gohan and the 100th episode of Dragon Ball Super that premiered last Sunday morning, I thought it fitting to write a Dragon Ball related feature, especially considering this site is everything Japan. I have been a

Journey in Japan Part 15: Towering Above the Rest

The day starts with a ¥1000 haircut. This is actually quite cheap for a haircut. I am a little worried about asking for it in Japanese, but the barber understands what I want, and actually does a very good job. After he finishes cutting my hair, he

Journey in Japan Part 14: Ainoshima Cat Island

With muscles loose thanks to a wonderful massage, I decide to really test my body. My destination today is Shima Ferry Port. “You’re cycling to Shima?” A confused staff member asks, “Please make sure the bike is back before 9pm okay. It has to be