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Monthly Archives: August 2017

Journey in Japan Part 35: Some Like It Hot Tea

I decide to hire a bicycle. A friend from England, Damien, decides to join me. We grab two ¥300 bicycles for the day and cycle in the direction of Ueno. On the way we pass a random stage on Kappabashi ‘kitchen’ Street. Men and women dressed in

Journey in Japan Part 34: Pot, Kettle, Snack

Today I take the Toei Asakusa Line for the first time in my life. Each time the train starts it sounds as if there is music coming from beneath the carriages. It turns out that the music is the scraping of the train on the tracks;

Journey in Japan Part 33: Dance, Dance, Dance

It is humid today, a cool 31°C with patches of rain, the perfect weather for dancing in the street. I head over to Tawaramachi Station for a train to Shibuya. From Shibuya Station, I head to Yoyogi Park, stopping off at the Tobacco and Salt Museum. The

Journey in Japan Part 32: Pyrotechnics and Parade

I wake up at 5am to the sound of a drunk man in our dormitory room. He spends fifteen minutes trying to open his locker, before giving up and leaving the room. It’s nights like these that I wish I was in a hotel. An

Mount Takao – Beer Garden with a view

Trekking to the tip of Takao One of the more easier and more documented experiences, be it spring, summer winter or fall is Mount Takao, as a popular hiking spot among both locals and tourists it has 8 different courses and receives more than 2

Journey in Japan Part 31: Siliconan the Ovarian

The previous three days drifted along to the tune of uneventful. Today a sign in my hostel says, “Soba Party Today, come and enjoy Japanese noodles!” There is also a list of local artists that will be here to teach various arts and crafts. Free food

Journey in Japan Part 30: Dog Day, Afternoon

Back in Tokyo, and today in Nihonbashi there is an annual festival taking place, the Fukagawa Hachiman Matsuri. It is one of the three great Shinto festivals in Tokyo, and is probably the largest. Every three years the festival is celebrated in full. Today, and only

Obon, the unofficial summer holiday

The Obon Tradition Obon (お盆 or おぼん) or just Bon (盆 or ぼん) is observed as a religious holiday in Japan every August. The actual term ‘Obon’ refers to the Japanese Buddhist custom of paying respect to the spirits of their ancestors. The holiday period