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Monthly Archives: November 2017

Journey in Japan Part 57: In an interstellar burst

Toothache has returned. After two full months of remaining silent in the corner of my mouth, the pain floods back like a terrible memory. My previous trauma at the dentist is once again vivid in the forefront of my mind. Lucky for me, I still

Journey in Japan Part 56: Dome Alone

Over the last few days the temperature has got increasingly colder. Winter is finally upon us. Recently, as I have been wandering around in just a short sleeved shirt, I have started to lose count of the number of times that I have been asked,

Viewing Autumn Leaves at Narita San (成田山で紅葉)

Dating back to 940, Narita-San or more specifically Narita-San Shinsho-ji (成田山新勝寺) is a temple located in central Narita, Chiba. It is a well known temple within the Kanto region, and regularly holds large events during the seasons of New Year (お正月), Obon (お盆) and of

Journey in Japan Part 55: Conspirators of Treasure

Today I have found treasure. The treasure is hidden away in the middle of a residential area in Minowa, down a side street that looks like it leads to a dead end, and sits inside a vending machine beside a car park. The ¥130 saké cup vending

Beyond Shibuya’s Pretty Neon Lights!

So a few months ago I was transferred to the Shibuya branch of my company, I had been at the Shinagawa branch for a bit over a year now. When I heard this news, I was thrilled, especially at the fact that I get to

The Japanese Convenience Store

Convenience stores are the pinnacle of Japan’s approach to simplifying life through services and technology, as they aspire to make things as ‘convenient’ and simple as possible. Open 24/7, they are the backbone of Japanese infrastructure, always open for a quick snack, coffee, ATM visit

FAQ Japan Launch Party!

Please note that we are holding the first FAQ Japan event – our official website launch party. We will be holding the event at Tokyo Knowledge in Asakusa, Tokyo on Saturday, 25th of November. For further details, please follow the Facebook page link here.

Journey in Japan Part 54: Fuji in the Sky with Diamonds

It is 16:20 and I am in Ikebukuro, standing in the observation deck on the sixtieth floor of a building called, “Sunshine City.” Considering the spectacle I am about to witness this afternoon, I can’t think of a more appropriately titled building than one that