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Monthly Archives: January 2018

Student Visa for Japanese Language Schools

While Japan’s official stance is that it is tough on immigration and rules are strictly maintained, you could be forgiven for thinking the opposite is true. In light of some recent introduction of new visas, loosening restrictions for a number of countries and promoting study

Final Fantasy 30 – The Whiskey!

Any RPG (Role Playing Game) or JPRG (Japanese Role Playing Game) fan will tell you this post’s title is deceptive, particularly given that the most recent entrant in the “Final Fantasy” video game series is number XV, or 15 for the roman numerical illiterates. However,

How to get a Haircut in Japan – Japanese Tips

It’s easy to think getting a haircut, especially in a place like Japan, can be a daunting undertaking. In a country where English is still a fairly scarce commodity, it is the exception rather than the rule when trying to locate a hairdresser that communicates

Business English Teacher in Tokyo

Position Summary Job Description: Seeking highly qualified, professional teachers to be team members at an elite Tokyo based bespoke business language school. Please click here to apply. Employer: Tryon – トライオン株式会社 Work Locations: Ginza, Roppongi, Shinjuku, Tamachi, Tokyo Functions: Teacher, Instructor (ELT, Conversational English) Work Type:

Tofu Special Part 2 – How to make Tofu Salad

Tofu is one of those super versatile foods that you can use in almost any recipe and particularly for vegans or vegetarians, it also has a lot of nutritional value and is a perfect substitute for meat. In this post we explain an effortless yet

Join the MariCAR team!

MariCAR is Looking for Tour Guides! Please click here to apply. MariCAR is the most popular tourist activity to do in Tokyo. We provide city tours with customers driving our go-karts on public roads throughout the various districts of Tokyo. We are looking for hospitable

Japanese Tourism Continues ‘Off The Charts’ in 2017

No doubt your senses have come across the infamous tale of booming tourism in Japan, it is something that has been widely reported across media organisations, blogs, governments and more to the point it feels like a broken vinyl. Well ladies and gentlemen, here we