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Your Friendly Neighbourhood Neigh-bar (Neighbour) – Asakusa, Tokyo

A recent addition to the Traditional district of Asakusa, Neighbour is slowly making a name for itself as the friendly yet modest bar with big ambitions. Unofficially opening in October of last year, and officially launching from November 2017, it has gradually started to gain traction towards the start of 2018. It prides itself as a place that is welcome to both tourists and local residents both Japanese and English speaking alike, and it has free Wi-Fi too.

Asakusa is one major cultural hub of Tokyo, with its iconic Sensou-ji Temple and surrounding historical architecture, it is a major sightseeing site. However, of late we have started to see a shift in the booming tourism demographic with the flurry of guest house accommodation being built in the area. Consequently, Neighbour and other drinking establishments (such as Tokyo KnowledgeGod Chappie and Cafe Byron Bay) are trying to boost the appeal of the nightlife and drinking scene of the surrounding area.

An Overview of the Bar

Your neighbourly and welcoming host of the bar is Calvin, originating from the local province of Alberta, in a small village called Rich Valley with less than 100 people. Even from humble beginnings, he hopes to make your visit to Japan, or even experience in his bar as enjoyable as possible.

‘Nommunication’ Parties and Drink Packages

As a venue for parties, he already as his pre-established 飲むュニケーション or ‘nommunication’ events, a catchphrase on the Japanese word ‘飲む’ meaning ‘to drink’ and ‘communication’. This loosely translates into ‘drinking while communicating’. The main premise of this occasion is that alcohol helps to break down the initial barriers between people, and encourages everyone to interact and communicate freely in a fun environment.

The aforementioned event occurs every second Saturday, although I suggest you check out his Facebook page to confirm dates.  He offers all patrons a 飲み放題 or ‘All-you-can-drink’ package for 2 hours, which we think is quite good value in Tokyo. You can also take advantage of this 2-hour package on every other Saturday, even when the events are not running.

Neighbour is additionally available for full or partial hire for most kinds of events that you wish to hold. In the past, the venue has been used to hold a variety of gatherings, with seating available for up to 30 people. Please note I strongly recommend contacting him well in advance of your desired date, just to ensure you can secure a spot.

Signature Specials!

Aika, who is the regular bartender and ‘bubbly’ personality serving up your desired alcoholic creations, is infamous for her ‘Alien Haemorrhage‘ shot, as pictured below. We liked it so much here at FAQ, we too, highly endorse the ‘out-of-this-world’ experience.

Finally, for any patrons wanting to study English, there are lessons available through the bar. You should contact them directly for more details on availability and pricing.

Neighbour Details:

Opening hours: Everyday 7pm to 1am

Address: 1F, 3-28-4 Asakusa, Taito-Ku, Tokyo, Japan

Or find the bar on google maps here.




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