Abeno Harukas – Osaka’s Bright Building of the Future


Abeno Harukas stands tall and proud at exactly 300 metres tall and is Osaka’s tallest building. It also stands as a clear sign of Osaka’s direction towards a better and brighter future. The name ‘Harukasu’ originates from an old Japanese expression meaning ‘to brighten or clear up’. The second largest building just shy of Abeno Harukas is Yokohama’s Landmark Tower standing at 296m high.

Osaka itself is well known in Japan historically as the merchant city of the nation. However, more recently has earned a reputation for its range of tasty food, friendly and easy going people and a variety of nightlife.

The skyscraper stands across the cities of both Abeno and Tennoji in Osaka. Well-known sites nearby include the Shitennoji Temple, Osaka Tennoji Zoo and the historical Tsutenkaku tower in Shnisekai.

Key Building Features

Harukas features direct connections to train and bus terminals, a department store and shopping complex, observation deck, luxury hotel and museum.

The main department store that can be found inside the complex is the Kintetsu Department store. This is their main store which sits among a range of other specialty and variety shops.

The building is also home to various restaurants and dining options. Including a dedicated dining area on floors 12, 13 and 14, and a large selection of cafes located throughout the centre.

Osaka Mariott Miyako Hotel

If you’re looking for premium hotel experiences in the Kansai area, the Osaka Mariott Hotel will bring you the best in Kansai scenery. Sitting at levels 38-55, you can enjoy either day or evening views of the unique western area of Japan.

Coupled with an assortment of fine-dining and prestigious drinking establishments, a generous array of facilities. The Osaka Mariott Miyako Hotel is your choice for luxury accommodation.

Observatory Deck Pricing

The Observation Deck sits at 300m high and provides a full 360 panoramic view of the Osaka cityscape. You can enter the deck anytime from 9:00 to 22:00 daily, excluding New Years Holidays.

If you wish to purchase tickets, you can purchase them at the counter on level 16. Prices for adults start from 1,500 yen and children from 500 yen. All day passes and group discounts are also available.


The building can be directly accessed from the Miodosuji subway lines via Shin-Osaka, Umeda and Namba stations. Travelling from Kyoto, Wakayama, Kobe or Nara, you can also access via one of the multiple JR lines. Kansai and Osaka (Itami) Airports also have direct services to the building’s closest stations. Connecting bus services also operate between Kansai and Osaka (Itami) Airports.



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