Welcome to FAQ Japan

Welcome to FAQ Japan 🙂

Welcome to FAQ Japan! Our diverse portal filled with insightful perspectives on culture, language and experiences all inside Japan.

  • FAQ – is our ever-expanding list of Frequently Asked Questions about everything Japanese.
  • Japan and Resources – includes useful content and area-specific posts about travel, life, culture and the Japanese language.
  • Videos – check out our YouTube channel, which features highlights on Japanese culture, language and recommended places.
  • Events – we hold regular meetup events to encourage international exchange through culture, language and culinary experiences.
  • Store – here you can find some of our latest Japanese inspired or just for amusement merchandise.

Our goal is to support the growing number of foreigners traveling and living in Japan. So, via FAQ, we hope to provide an informative and resourceful platform.

As a result, we plan to continue developing this site into a wealth of information, so that anyone, young or old can truly get a better insight into the land of the rising sun. So please feel free to share any of these articles with your friends if you found them useful, or leave a comment as any feedback is invaluable to enable us to enhance and refine this portal.

Furthermore, if you have a question that you would like answered, feel free to submit this to us here and we will try our best to get back to you by posting further info on our site.