Thank you for visiting our page, as you may have gathered, FAQ Japan (Frequently Asked Questions about Japan – just to clarify haha) is dedicated to anybody and everybody considering Japan as a travel destination, short-term stay or more permanent relocation. After more than 3 years of residing here, some close friends and I hope to impart some of our knowledge and experience to that needing advice or looking for another perspective.

Our aim for FAQ Japan is to be your ultimate FAQ guide and resource to everything Japanese related, including:

  • Our FAQ Blog – which is an open and honest account of our experiences and viewpoints on culture, lifestyle and more…
  • Places of Interest – including reviews and videos, and listing English friendly options.
  • Useful info – a range of guides, advice and information for people living in Japan.
  • Japanese tips – is a growing guide and video series on Japanese characters, grammar lessons, vocabulary and more to improve your grasp of the native language.

With more events, videos, interviews and much more planned for the future, we endeavour to assist either your life or travel while in Japan.

From our view, we know how difficult it can be trying to navigate living in a new place, figuring out the best places to go for food (and there’s a lot), meeting and making friends, learning the language, the customs, traditions, history and so on.

As a result, we hope to develop this site into a wealth of information, so that anyone, young or old can truly get a better insight into the land of the rising sun. So please feel free to share any of these articles with your friends if you found them useful, or leave a comment as any feedback is invaluable to enable us to enhance and refine this portal.

Furthermore, if you have a question that you would like answered, feel free to submit this to us here and we will try our best to get back to you by posting further info on our site.