Akiba’s finest Wagyu Beef? Henry’s Burger – Akihabara, Tokyo


Burger’s in Japan were generally considered a fast food ONLY novelty, going back some 5-10 years ago. However, Henry’s Burger a bunch of other restaurants are trying to change that. Especially as Japan and particularly Tokyo seems to be becoming more globalised, tourism is booming and the Olympics are soon around the corner, the cuisine is also increasing in quality and variety. Gourmet burger restaurants are slowly becoming more mainstream, as the image of the fast food health hazard begins to change.

Not only do we see more American burger chains enter the foray, but also Japanese owner’s taking a bite out of the industry too, with a large variety of flavours, fillings and options to please most of their guests. We see more and more trendy restaurants springing up, with increasingly gourmet style menus.

So it was interesting when I went to check out Henry’s Burger, the name suggests it has an international origin, but the beef is entirely 100% Japanese. Wagyu beef to be exact, and the same kind of meat used at the owner’s Yakiniku (Korean BBQ) restaurant so I am told.

The quality of the beef is definitely at a wagyu standard, and dramatically better than any burger I have tasted from other offerings in Tokyo. There is a serious kick in that initial bite, and quality in the beef is obviously high quality. Mixed with tomato, lettuce and topped with a creamy dressing and combined with skinny fries, it is a satisfying combination for the senses.

There are three options available for both lunch and dinner, starting from the standard single meat patty set, with the choice to up-size to either the double and triple patty combo. We opted for the double, as this seems to be the default selection, we are also advised that this is the most popular choice among most customers, and we gladly accept the staff’s advice.

Drink options include a collection of soft drinks, coffee (hot/ice), ice tea, beer and San Pellegrino sparkling water and 2 wine choices (red and white) from Chile. I took the beer option, which at plus 270 yen on top of the standard combo, wasn’t too pricey in my book.

In the Akihabara store, you actually order on the first floor and eat inside on the second. We waited for a total of about 15 minutes for the burger to come on the food elevator up, and be delivered by the friendly staff, who also spoke fluent English. Check out the menu in the picture below for the full list of options and prices.

Overall, I highly rate this as one of the best burger experiences in town (Tokyo), while the size is modest compared to other gourmet burger shops, it more than compensates in both taste and quality. If you are ever in the Akihabara or Daikanyama areas, I would recommend checking this out as one of the better restaurants in Tokyo.

Henry’s Burger Details (Akihabara and Daikanyama):

Opening hours: Everyday from 11:00-20:00.

Address: 1-36-6 Ebisu-Nishi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo (Daikanyama) or

Or find the burger shop on google maps for Daikanyama or Akihabara


Website: http://www.henrysburger.com/

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/henrysburgerdaikanyamatokyo/


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