ATMs in Japan


ATMs in Japan

ATMs are something I genuinely took for granted in Australia, that plus our massive network of EFTPOS machines. This allowed us to either withdraw cash from anywhere or pay by debit or credit card in the vast majority of shops, stores and restaurants. Fast forward to 2014, my life in Japan begins, and it is time to adjust to a highly cash-based society. Perhaps this is difficult to believe. Especially, as you many people perceive Japan as a country with innovative technology. Unfortunately, it is not as forgiving or flexible for foreigners or foreign currencies.

This also meant I needed to learn, where I could potentially access my Aussie savings depending on the time and place. However, if you’re a foreigner working in Japan, and you have a Japanese debit card then you should be able to access your funds. Albeit for a small additional charge, from most ATMs across the country.

Luckily in more recent times the system and situation are starting to change, and as more and more tourists pore into Japan. Leading up to the 2020 Olympics, this trend will hopefully only continue to improve access to foreign banks and currencies.

In this simple post, I aim to provide a list of the main ATMs that will enable the majority of you (I hope), to access your foreign accounts or currencies.

7/11 or 7 Bank

7/11 or 7 Bank (Seven Bank), as they like to refer to their banking system. ATMs can now be found across the country. Located in most main cities either as an ATM only service or Convenience Store. They are located in all of the major cities and across many parts of the country.

You can find further details on ATM locations and related info from the 7/11 website.


E-net is another provider of ATMs which allow foreigners to access their foreign bank accounts or currencies in Japan. They can be found in multiple locations including some Family Mart Convenience Stores, Don Quijote stores and other shops.

For further information on locations and conditions of use check E-net’s website.

Japan Post Bank

Japan Post is also an ATM provider which allows access to international accounts and currencies. There are multiple locations where Japan Post offices can be found, and usually, most have Japan Post ATMs. They can also be found in select locations such as shopping centres and Family Mart Convenience Stores.

Please use the following link for further details about Japan Post and their ATMs.

Aeon Bank

Aeon Bank is also another provider of ATM facilities for foreign currency and account access. There are more than 2,000 locations available across Japan within their shopping complexes and supermarkets.

Please check their website for further information on Aeon Bank ATM locations.

SMBC Prestia

Finally, SMBC Prestia (formerly Citibank in Japan), also provide access to foreign accounts and currencies via their existing ATM network. In most cases, their branches are few and far between, available in main cities in only a handful of locations, making them the least convenient.

For further details you can check out their website.


The Japan National Tourism Organisation (JNTO) has recently launched a new free app for tourists. This is designed to provide information on many things across the country, like train timetables, restaurants, and Free WiFi. Furthermore, it also provides a list of places in Japan which provide ATM access for foreign cards. You can find out more about the app here.


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