Allpress Espresso Tokyo Roastery & Cafe – Kiyosumi-Shirakawa, Tokyo


If you have ever experienced the Australian coffee scene, especially in the likes of Sydney or Melbourne, Allpress Espresso Tokyo then, is what you need here in Japan. It was a slight challenge as a regular tourist here, adjusting to Starbucks as the go-to brand of caffeine. Even though there are multitudes of these conveniently located coffee chains, that you’ll no doubt spot throughout the countryside, they just don’t live up to home.

Australian style coffee in Tokyo! well NZ, so almost 🙂

Enter Allpress, a New Zealand coffee bean importer and roaster who, among a few others, are starting to change the coffee game in Japan. Starting from their Flagship store and Roastery in Kiyosumi-Shirakawa, in direct competition with Blue Bottle, introducing flat whites, providing a creamier taste and irresistible smell, it is a welcome sight to the eyes of any amateur Aussie connoisseur. In addition, they have several drip coffee bean choices from a range of countries, and they further offer a selection of ice coffee varieties.

The place itself is quite classy, featuring a refreshing timber-esque style of decor to provide a more natural and simplistic touch with a relaxed vibe. The table tops, tables and bench-tops are also made from timber matching the exterior of the building. There is the option to also sit outdoors, with a few seats and tables to suit the outdoor types during the warmer seasons.

The staff themselves are very friendly, and many of the baristas can speak English too, so they are generally very happy to chat in either language. They also have an English and Japanese menu to suit the needs of most customers.

When I usually go on weekday mornings, the place can be rather quiet and solitary, perfect to sit down and get through a bit of FAQing. However, towards late lunch and the early hours of the afternoon, it can fill up quite quickly. Weekends, on the other hand, present an entirely different challenge, with lines sometimes stretching outside the cafe. My recommendation is if you happen to be in the area, grab a coffee and then head to Kiba Park which is close by, for a brisk stroll or to check out the local dog park which can be hilarious to watch.

Prices tend to be a little on the pricey side, but the upside and quality are absolutely worth it, as it is a completely different taste to any of the regular retail chains you may be used to, and that includes good ole Starbucks.

There is also a wide selection of food available, including soups (most of the time), sandwiches, biscuits, paninis and more. My personal favourite though, especially for a healthier breakfast/brunch time of day is the mixed plate, comes with an assortment of sides and choices and should keep you full and satisfied for a few hours at least. So, come on down to Kiyosumi and make this part of your Day Cafe Tour!

AllPress Details:

Opening hours: Weekdays 8 am – 5 pm, Weekends and National Holidays 9 am – 6 pm

Address: 3-7-2 Hirano, Koto-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Or find the cafe on google maps here.

Telephone: 03 5875 9392



Allpress Cafe Finder App: Android or iOS



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