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HUB – The British PUB in Japan

You may be wondering why I would be writing about a British PUB based in Japan…? Could it be because it’s my home away from home? Or it can be found pretty much anywhere throughout the country? Or better yet, because of HAPPY HOUR!!! HUB

The Rumors are True!

If you have ever roamed the streets of Tokyo late at night, and then stumbled into a local drinking establishment, you are bound to find a Japanese salaryman sitting at the bar drowning his sorrows in alcohol. Then, if you happen to sit in close

Beyond Shibuya’s Pretty Neon Lights!

So a few months ago I was transferred to the Shibuya branch of my company, I had been at the Shinagawa branch for a bit over a year now. When I heard this news, I was thrilled, especially at the fact that I get to

Working for a Japanese Company – How it all began Part 1

I still remember walking through the front door of that Japanese Company for the first time with my heart racing, and thinking “This is going to be the most amazing thing ever, if I get to work for this Japanese Company!”. As I walk through