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Aside from my full-time gig as a professional Netflix, Hulu and Toho Cinemas spectator, I occasionally escape the screen to share my own episodes of Japan outside the TV format.

Spare Change! Finally a Solution for 1 and 5 Yen Coins!

This is a solution I have been waiting for since I moved to Japan over 5 years ago. Got spare change? Those 1 and...

Japan’s New Banknotes for 2024

The Japanese Government has decided to redesign its banknotes for the first time since 2004. Japan's new banknotes will be issued in the 2024...

Top 10 Tips for Climbing Mt Fuji

Standing at around 3,776m tall, it is the nation's tallest active volcano on the main island of Honshu. Climbing Mt Fuji is also a...

Kansai Bridge is Fully Repaired in Time for Golden Week

Kansai Airport is fully repaired after it was hit hard by Typhoon Jebi in September last year. The tropical cyclone had caused widespread damage...

Golden Week Holidays Explained 2019

This year's Golden Week Holidays are extra special, and 2019 is the year breeding change. As a Japanese or foreign resident, or even a...

Top 10 Words to Start Speaking Japanese Now

This out list of the top 10 words to start speaking Japanese now. Japanese is an easy language to start learning, and fun to...

Can You Read the Situation in Japanese?

Can you read the situation in Japanese? This is something that becomes more important as you develop your Japanese ability. Most people agree that...

Reiwa: 令和 The Beginning of Japan’s New Era

Reiwa: 令和 The Beginning of Japan's New Era was announced by the Japanese Government on 1 April Monday, 2019. At this time, Japan also...

Grand Hyatt Tokyo to Serve ¥100,000 Wagyu Burger

The Grand Hyatt Tokyo said it will serve a ¥100,000 Wagyu Burger to celebrate the ascent of the new Emperor. The giant beef burgers...

How to Buy Tickets for the New Mt Fuji Excursion Express

Perhaps you heard about the new Mt Fuji Excursion Express from Shinjuku, which started on March 16 this year. Since JR announced the service,...