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The Bar Tokyo Brain is best described as an international bar of sorts. It’s basic premise is to encourage interaction and communication between Japanese and foreigners in a comfortable and stylish environment. To promote this interaction, they put on regular events, with signature specials and attractive drink discounts too.

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Asakusa is one of the major cultural hubs of Tokyo, with its iconic Sensou-ji Temple and surrounding traditional sights. As a major sightseeing spot though, day turns to night and all the hustle and activity starts to disappear. However, with the flurry of guest house accommodation continuing to emerge in the area, that dynamic is changing. Consequently, Bar Tokyo Brain and other drinking establishments are trying to capitalise on this opportunity. Meanwhile, wanting to appeal to the local drinking community at the same time.

An Overview of the Bar

The staff of the bar are always equally inviting and welcoming to all guests. They can speak enough English to understand your order and to have a brief chat too. Welcoming would be drinkers inside is the simple yet effective decor. It is both supportive and functional, and the rustic-style gives it a fashionable yet modern look and feel.

The bar features a large projector in the furthest room opposite the bar. This comes in handy when hosting events, or even to watch something of interest, whether it be live action sports or music videos. Behind the bar, you can find another two additional screens, sporting various shows and music.

The drinks menu itself offers a variety of both tap and bottled beer, cocktails, wine and spirits. Prices are competitive and you can always take advantage of their specials during events. Coffee and tea are also available plus you can get your hands on light snacks for purchase at the bar.

Signature Specials!

As part of their current campaign, they are rotating special cocktails every Friday evening. In addition, their current signature special is the Italian born and bred Limoncello cocktail.

On top of their existing specials, they commonly hold events supporting international interaction. This is both Japanese speakers wanting to come and practise their English. Similarly, foreigners wanting to meet Japanese people and/or practise their spoken Japanese. You should follow their Facebook page (below) for information on their next event.

Tokyo Brain Details:

Opening hours: Friday and Sunday Evenings

Address: 1F, 3-28-4 Koseki BLDG., Asakusa, Taito-Ku, Tokyo, Japan

Or find the bar on google maps here.


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