Cafe Byron Bay – Asakusa, Tokyo


For people looking for a very chilled out, almost hippy-like atmosphere, head on over to Cafe Byron Bay, serving delicious vegetarian meals, with great drinks, service and a peaceful vibe to match. Don’t worry, all the staff speak English too, just like in Byron Bay, Australia, plus it has free Wi-fi 🙂

As a tourist or foreigner, you can enjoy 200 yen off all drinks, including coffee. They also have Flat Whites available and various kinds of tea here too which taste great.

Cafe Byron Bay’s menu is primarily vegetarian food, focused on fresh and organic ingredients to ensure you are getting a healthy meal. Some of the fan favourites are Taco Rice, Green Curry, Falafel Plate and spicy fries.

The community that this cafe has created is a very tightly knit group of people, who often hang out together and celebrate a variety of activities. Meeting some of these people can definitely have an influence on your time in Japan and greatly improve your interaction with the locals.

The bar attracts a large variety of Japanese guests, especially those wanting to practice their English skills. The bar’s primary purpose is to provide a place for Japanese to practice and speak English with native speakers in a safe and comfortable environment, all assisted by alcohol.

Cafe Byron Bay Details:

Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday 6 pm to late, Mondays closed

Saturday and Sunday 11 am – 2 pm for brunch

Address: Tokyo-to, Taito-ku, NishiAsakusa3-2-12, グレースM 1F

Or find the cafe on google maps here.

Telephone: 03-5830-7984





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