Cafe Byron Bay – Asakusa, Tokyo


For people looking for a very chilled out, almost hippy-like atmosphere, head on over to Cafe Byron Bay. Here they serve a variety of tasty meals, with great drinks, service and a peaceful vibe to match. Don’t worry, all the staff are friendly and speak English too, just like in Byron Bay, Australia. Plus, the cafe has free Wi-fi 🙂

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The cafe’s general clientele is quite international, with a healthy mix of Japanese and foreign guests. It is common to meet Aussies travelling in the area who drop by just because of the cafe’s name. Others see it as a safe place to speak English, and the Japanese see it as a way to practise English and make and meet foreign friends too.

Cafe Byron Bay’s menu is very vegetarian-friendly too, with a bunch of appetising options to choose from. There are also meat dishes for the carnivores too.

In addition to food, the cafe serves, you guessed it, a bunch of coffees including the Aussie Flat White. One of the few places you can find this option in Japan. They also offer the default choice of lattes, cappuccinos, espressos and so on. The style is very Melbourne-esque, so you can be sure of the authentic and satisfying taste.

The cafe itself has established quite a strong community in the past 5 years + of operation. They commonly hold a range of events both inside and outside the cafe, and it is very easy to be accepted into the foray. Some examples include regular English discussions, birthday celebrations, special performances, international cuisine nights, BBQs and field trips just to name a few. To get up to date with the latest events, just follow them on their Facebook page.

As a semi-regular guest, I can attest to the quality of this cafe. I would recommend anyone curious about the place, to just take the plunge and walk inside. You’ll always be greeted by warm smiles from the staff and greater clientele too.

Cafe Byron Bay Details:

Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday 6 pm to late, Mondays closed

Address: Tokyo-to, Taito-Ku, NishiAsakusa3-2-12, グレースM 1F

Or find the cafe on google maps here.

Telephone: 03-5830-7984



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