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Nintendo Switch in Japan – English is Still OK!

Nintendo’s Switch, the seventh instalment in its series of consoles, exceeded all expectations including its own, to sell not only a huge 3 million units in its initial month of release, but also moved a massive 14 million units in its first year on the

Sake with Flower – An Ikebana event with added flavour!

Ikebana The word ‘Ikebana’ (活け花) refers to Japanese traditional flower arrangement, a very distinctive, historical yet disciplined art form, which dates back to 7th century ancient Japan. It focuses on the natural shape and beauty of lines, shape and form, and often employs a minimalist

Setsubun: One Fine Day in Spring

The snow came and went faster than a fleeting thought on a cold February morning. Despite the cold, there is a very famous festival taking place across Japan, known as Setsubun. The festival involves throwing roasted beans at demons, and marks the penultimate day of winter, according

Fast Tracking Permanent Residency in Japan

Although Japan may be viewed as a country tough on immigration policies, whispers of change are in the air. Considering it’s introduction of the highly skilled work visa several years ago, and further relaxing requirements for permanent residency via introducing a fast-track policy, this should

Sapporo Snow Festival – Brrrrrring your thermals!

Sapporo Yuki Matsuri As we continue to endure the Freezing month of February during ‘Fuyu’ (‘冬’ or ‘ふゆ’ meaning winter) people gather from miles around to experience the momentous occasion that is, the Sapporo Yuki Matsuri (‘札幌雪祭り’ meaning Sapporo Snow Festival). This event occurs each

Journey to the Center of the Buddha

It has got very cold as of late, but today offers rare blue skies and a warm winter sun. Today might be the last day hot enough to do anything practical before spring, so I decide to make the most of it with a day trip

Final Fantasy 30 – The Whiskey!

Any RPG (Role Playing Game) or JPRG (Japanese Role Playing Game) fan will tell you this post’s title is deceptive, particularly given that the most recent entrant in the “Final Fantasy” video game series is number XV, or 15 for the roman numerical illiterates. However,

Tofu Special Part 2 – How to make Tofu Salad

Tofu is one of those super versatile foods that you can use in almost any recipe and particularly for vegans or vegetarians, it also has a lot of nutritional value and is a perfect substitute for meat. In this post we explain an effortless yet

Japanese Tourism Continues ‘Off The Charts’ in 2017

No doubt your senses have come across the infamous tale of booming tourism in Japan, it is something that has been widely reported across media organisations, blogs, governments and more to the point it feels like a broken vinyl. Well ladies and gentlemen, here we

Tofu Special Part 1 – How to Make Agedashi Tofu

As part of our recent introduction to Tofu and its nutritional value, we also hope to impart some typical Japanese recipes to help you enjoy the local cuisine, and today we will be attempting to recreate 揚げ出し豆腐 (あげだしとうふ or Agedashi Tofu). This easy yet tantalising