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Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Journey in Japan Part 62: Schindler’s Lift

My friend and I meet up at 10 am, and catch the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line to Shibuya. Today is once again warm, and all trace of Christmas day is gone. There are no...

How to Buy Tickets for the New Mt Fuji Excursion Express

Perhaps you heard about the new Mt Fuji Excursion Express from Shinjuku, which started on March 16 this year. Since JR announced the service, there has been some confusion about how to purchase tickets,...

Coca Cola’s Lemon-Can-Do

Do you love your Lemon Chu-hai just as much as you love your Coca-Cola? Well, now Coca-Cola has launched the Lemon-Do. So, all your dreams of flavoured drinks, laced with alcohol and branded under...

Abandoned by Disney

The sun is shining, and my friend Christine and I are on our way to Tokyo Disneyland. A 115-acre theme park in Urayasu, Chiba. A place where dreams come true, apparently. A badly written but strangely...

Haneda versus Narita Airport

Since Haneda added its International Terminal in 2010 the Haneda versus Narita Airport decision is a common hassle for travellers and residents alike. Haneda has the luxury of being located significantly closer to the...

8 Reasons Why You Need a JR Rail Pass

Some people still ask 'Why you need a JR Rail Pass', well the answer is pretty simple. The JR Rail Pass is great value for foreign tourists, so much so that we foreign expats...
Kyotrain 1

Visit Kyoto via the Traditional Kyotrain

Starting from next spring, from March 23, you will be able to visit Kyoto via the traditional Kyotrain from Osaka. Many people see Osaka as the heart of Kansai, as it is easy to...

Seasonal Japanese Food in Autumn

So it's September and that means its time to start thinking about the seasonal Japanese food in Autumn. As temperatures start to taper off, we see 秋 (あき or Aki) 'Fall' or 'Autumn in...

Australia vs Japan: Daily Life Comparison

I thought it would be nice to discuss the differences between Australia vs Japan: daily life! Every year we are seeing a trend of more and more Australians visiting Japan. Australia being close to...

T-Points and T-Point Cards – Maximising the Benefits

Welcome to Japan, do you have a T ... If you’ve been in Japan longer than 24 hours, chances are you’ve already been asked by one cashier or another if you have a T-point card....