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Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Journey in Japan Part 62: Schindler’s Lift

My friend and I meet up at 10 am, and catch the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line to Shibuya. Today is once again warm, and all trace of Christmas day is gone. There are no...

Coca Cola’s Lemon-Can-Do

Do you love your Lemon Chu-hai just as much as you love your Coca-Cola? Well, now Coca-Cola has launched the Lemon-Do. So, all your dreams of flavoured drinks, laced with alcohol and branded under...

10 Day Golden Week in 2019

Japan's Cabinet has just approved a bill designed to create a 10 Day Golden Week in 2019. This is an extension to the nation's popular 5 day holiday period. The Cabinet's proposal was approved on...

Why is Green Actually Blue in Japan?

Red means stop, yellow means wait and blue... err what? The colour blue in Japan is used for go but also means green. That's the traffic signal situation in Japan and it stems back...
Japan SIM Card

SIM Card in Japan – Best Options with Mobal

A SIM Card in Japan is a must these days. Perhaps you're travelling around for a few days or weeks, or potentially you're seeking to stay a few months, years or even permanently. One...

T-Points and T-Point Cards – Maximising the Benefits

Welcome to Japan, do you have a T ... If you’ve been in Japan longer than 24 hours, chances are you’ve already been asked by one cashier or another if you have a T-point card....

10 Ways Tokyo Drift is Like Japan

In Part 2 of our series, we attempt to find more realistic scenes from Tokyo Drift. Namely, with the most footage shot in Japan's capital, it was bound to get some things right. At...

Haneda versus Narita Airport

Since Haneda added its International Terminal in 2010 the Haneda versus Narita Airport decision is a common hassle for travellers and residents alike. Haneda has the luxury of being located significantly closer to the...

How to Buy Tickets for the New Mt Fuji Excursion Express

Perhaps you heard about the new Mt Fuji Excursion Express from Shinjuku, which started on March 16 this year. Since JR announced the service, there has been some confusion about how to purchase tickets,...

8 Reasons Why You Need a JR Rail Pass

Some people still ask 'Why you need a JR Rail Pass', well the answer is pretty simple. The JR Rail Pass is great value for foreign tourists, so much so that we foreign expats...