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Friday, April 23, 2021

Journey in Japan Part 25: Internet cafés, Irish bars

Grilled fish of the day is salmon for the third day in a row. After breakfast, I return to my room and return my room to a state that looks exactly as it did before...

Yokohama Sightseeing

I am a little way outside of Tokyo to go Yokohama sightseeing. The area was once a quaint fishing town, where nothing much really happened. After the American people came with their ships, Yokohama opened...

Tsukiji Fish Market’s Last New Year in 2018

Tsukiji Fish Market's final new year auction and the first for 2018 kicked-off yet again last Friday, January 5, with a HUGE 405-kilogram bluefin tuna earning a hefty 36.45 million yen, or almost US$323,000....

Sakuragicho – Yokohama’s Habourside Hangout

In the sweltering summer months in Japan, the heat and humidity get turned up, especially in Tokyo. So, Sakuragicho - Yokohama's harbourside hangout, is a great place to escape some of the heat or...

1,000 Yen Departure Tax to Begin from Monday

The Japanese Government will start collecting a 1,000 yen departure tax from Monday next week. People travelling by aircraft or ship will be subject to the new departure tax. The new regulation that was passed...

Journey in Japan Part 54: Fuji in the Sky with Diamonds

It is 16:20 and I am in Ikebukuro, standing in the observation deck on the sixtieth floor of a building called, “Sunshine City.” Considering the spectacle I am about to witness this afternoon, I...

Journey in Japan Part 3: Mostly Calmness

I am woken at 4:47 am to an alarm coming from the direction of the ocean. I look out of the window, it is raining hard. I dart out of bed to check a computer. No...

Seven Gods Pilgrimage – Taitoku, Tokyo

Lucky Number Seven Gods of Fortune Today I attempt to go on a pilgrimage. Seven different gods, seven different sacred sites. My first stop is Shingen-ji Temple, Iriya. This temple has two names, Iriya no Kishibojin is...
Hitachi's EMIEW3 robot

Robot Tour Guides at Landmark Tower in Yokohama

Robot Tour Guides at Landmark Tower, which is Yokohama's Tallest Skyscraper, have joined the tourism team. The new futuristic assistants act as tour guides inside and around the floor of the building. Hitachi, the...

Winter in Sapporo – 8 Things You Must Do!

Sapporo is the 5th largest city in Japan and the largest in Hokkaido. Winter in Sapporo is famous for its large snow festival, which is an annual event. Furthermore, its beer museum, food, surrounding...