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Friday, April 23, 2021

Journey in Japan Part 1: So Long, Tokyo, and Thanks for All the Fish

It is time to move on. The anticipation of spending eight hours on two different trains is something I lack. To avoid a whole day of travel I instead book a really cheap hotel at Kokura, which is the...

Journey in Japan Part 54: Fuji in the Sky with Diamonds

It is 16:20 and I am in Ikebukuro, standing in the observation deck on the sixtieth floor of a building called, “Sunshine City.” Considering the spectacle I am about to witness this afternoon, I...

Journey in Japan Part 25: Internet cafés, Irish bars

Grilled fish of the day is salmon for the third day in a row. After breakfast, I return to my room and return my room to a state that looks exactly as it did before...

3 Italian Restaurants in Tokyo you Must Try!

Italian Restaurants in Tokyo are not a rare sight at all, similar to French, Sushi and Ramen eateries, you can even find a few in the same area. So, putting together a short-list of...

The Rumors are True!

That's right the rumors ar true, and if you have ever roamed the streets of Tokyo late at night, and then stumbled into a local drinking establishment, you are bound to find a Japanese...

By Food – Full of Flavoursome Adventures

When you think about Japan, then you should instantly consider a country rich in food customs and delicious cuisine. So, By Food's mission is simple, that is, to help engage foodies and offer them...

Tsukiji to Officially Move to Toyosu in 2018

Finally, the official relocation of Tsukiji's much-loved fish market has been decided and will move to its new venue in Toyosu on October 11, as stated by Tokyo's Governor Koike-san. Initially planned for late...

Abandoned by Disney

The sun is shining, and my friend Christine and I are on our way to Tokyo Disneyland. A 115-acre theme park in Urayasu, Chiba. A place where dreams come true, apparently. A badly written but strangely...

A More Diverse Community Coming of Age

In 2018, Monday the 8th of January was not only a national holiday across Japan, but also 'Coming of Age' day, a day to celebrate young adults and welcome them into the Japanese Community....
Kyotrain 1

Visit Kyoto via the Traditional Kyotrain

Starting from next spring, from March 23, you will be able to visit Kyoto via the traditional Kyotrain from Osaka. Many people see Osaka as the heart of Kansai, as it is easy to...