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Friday, April 23, 2021

Oh Deer-Related Tourist Injuries on the Rise in Nara

In Nara, wild deer populate the local Nara Park as messengers from the gods, they are protected within the city. So, deer-related tourist injuries are also increasing with the increasing traffic visiting the Kansai...

Kobe the Port City – Top 10 Experiences in Central Kansai

Kobe the port city, is the 4th biggest port in Japan and the 5th largest city in the nation. It has a population of approx. 1.5 million people and is one of the major...
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Visit Kyoto via the Traditional Kyotrain

Starting from next spring, from March 23, you will be able to visit Kyoto via the traditional Kyotrain from Osaka. Many people see Osaka as the heart of Kansai, as it is easy to...

Abeno Harukas – Osaka’s Bright Building of the Future

Abeno Harukas stands tall and proud at exactly 300 metres tall and is Osaka's tallest building. It also stands as a clear sign of Osaka's direction towards a better and brighter future. The name...

Hello Kitty reveals the Puuuurfect Railway Escape

If you have been following our news before you may have read about JR West`s plans to launch a Hello Kitty inspired Shinkansen (bullet train). Well, now that news has become a reality. In...

The Great Hanshin Disaster – Kobe, Japan

The Great Hanshin Earthquake or Kobe Earthquake occurred on January 17, 1995, at 5.46am in the morning. It came in at a powerful 6.9 and caused widespread destruction, especially in the closest city of...

Osaka Castle – Osaka’s Famous Landmark

The one major landmark you can be sure people in Kansai hold in high pride is Osaka Castle, perched upon a raised platform and surrounded by a large moat it stands tall in its...

Moving into Your First Apartment in JAPAN – THE EASY WAY

Starting Out So one of the most exciting, but scary things that must be done when arriving is moving into your first Apartment in Japan! When I first arrived in Japan I experienced multiple ways...

Hello Kitty says ‘Hello’ to Japan’s Shinkansen

Cartoon or anime inspired trains have long been a common sight across Japan's entire network, but as the Evangelion 500 series themed Shinkansen is soon to retire, get ready to say 'Hello' (or ハロー/Harro...

Kinkaku-ji – Kyoto’s Golden Treasure

Kyoto is a traveller's paradise for Buddhist temples and shrines (like Kinkakuji) and heralded as the Traditional Capital of Japan, the number of tourists flocking to these historical places of worship just keeps climbing....