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Saturday, April 24, 2021

Journey in Japan Part 58: The Tooth Without Enamel

Today is the last day in Japan to look at the autumn leaves. Abscission has begun, and the leaves are ready. It is as though some secret internal clock powered by nature tells the...

Beyond Shibuya’s Pretty Neon Lights!

So a few months ago I was transferred to the Shibuya branch of my company, I had been at the Shinagawa branch for a bit over a year now. When I heard this news, I...

W.P Gold Burger – Shibuya, Tokyo

W.P Gold Burger is the most unlikely combination of celebrity meats patty (pun intended), in a shop that is full of humour plus added taste to match. It’s an easy place to miss, as you...

Journey in Japan Part 38: Parasite at the Museum

Today is a public holiday all about respecting the elderly and celebrating long life. There are fifteen different public holidays a year in Japan, and with the recent introduction of the ‘Happy Monday System’,...