14.4 C
Friday, April 23, 2021

Sakuragicho – Yokohama’s Habourside Hangout

In the sweltering summer months in Japan, the heat and humidity get turned up, especially in Tokyo. So, Sakuragicho - Yokohama's harbourside hangout, is a great place to escape some of the heat or...

Landmark Tower – Yokohama, Japan

If you're one to climb the tallest buildings in every city you explore, then Yokohama's Landmark Tower is the perfect place for you. Standing just shy of the big 300 at 296m tall, it...

Kanamara Matsuri – The Festival of the Steel Phallus

The Festival of the Steel Phallus or かなまら祭り (Kanamara Matsuri) is held at Kawasaki Shrine (Daishi). Oh boy, and is it ever one of the more interesting and bizarre festivals that runs through the...

Yokohama – Best Place to Live in Tokyo; Survey

The largest port in Japan and home to the largest China Town is Yokohama. Suumo, a real estate magazine and website, announced the city of Yokohama - best place to live in Tokyo and...

Journey in Japan Part 34: Pot, Kettle, Snack

Today I take the Toei Asakusa Line for the first time in my life. Each time the train starts it sounds as if there is music coming from beneath the carriages. It turns out that...

Yokohama Sightseeing

I am a little way outside of Tokyo to go Yokohama sightseeing. The area was once a quaint fishing town, where nothing much really happened. After the American people came with their ships, Yokohama opened...