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Metal Bar God Chappie (ゴッドチャッピー) – Asakusa, Tokyo

If you thought heavy metal music themed bars couldn't be lively, bright and full of red velvet, think again. Located in the back streets...

Tokyo Knowledge – Asakusa, Tokyo

For people looking for a chilled, inviting and friendly atmosphere to drink plus the chance to gain knowledge, we're here to introduce Tokyo Knowledge....

Journey in Japan Part 50: Necks, Lights, and Video Ape

Culture Day is held on the 3rd of November every year. An event to promote the arts, and Japanese Culture. Introduced in 1948, Culture...

Journey in Japan Part 47: Round, round, get around, I get around

This weekend a local event is taking place known as ‘A-Round’, short for, Asakusa Around. Sixty-nine different stalls, cafés and galleries have signed up for the...

Journey in Japan Part 46: Bridges and Balloons

Today I rent a bright red bicycle, and cycle over the Sumida River, toward Ryogoku. There is a row of parked bicycles, each with a...

Journey in Japan Part 44: The Golden Reptile

Today I head to the nearby Minowa Station and take the Hibiya Line. At Kayabacho Station a man runs out of the train as...

Journey in Japan Part 39: Last Day of Summer

Today is the Autumn Equinox; officially the day that summer ends and autumn begins. The weather seems to have forgotten about the shift in...

Journey in Japan Part 32: Pyrotechnics and Parade

I wake up at 5 am to the sound of a drunk man in our dormitory room. He spends fifteen minutes trying to open...

Cafe Byron Bay – Asakusa, Tokyo

For people looking for a very chilled out, almost hippy-like atmosphere, head on over to Cafe Byron Bay, serving delicious vegetarian meals, with great...

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