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Tokyo Wan Kannon – Futtsu, Chiba

Tokyo Wan Kannon (東京湾観音) is a Kannon statue standing at more than 56 metres or 20 levels high. Situated in Futtsu, Chiba and facing Toyko Bay, the statue was built in the early 1960s as a sign of world peace, especially after the atrocities of

Kinkakuji – Kyoto’s Golden Treasure

Kyoto is a traveller’s paradise for Buddhist temples and shrines and heralded as the Traditional Capital of Japan, the number of tourists flocking to these historical places of worship just keeps climbing. A prime example is ‘金閣寺’ (きんかくじ or Kinkaku-ji), a photographer’s heaven for instant

Kobe Tower – Kobe, Hyogo

Kobe Tower stands at 108 metres tall and is the highest structure you will observe skirting the port town. Featuring a see-through glass floor from 75m above and a stunning colour display of 7000 LEDs at night, it lights up one of the more romantic

HUB – The British PUB in Japan

You may be wondering why I would be writing about a British PUB based in Japan…? Could it be because it’s my home away from home? Or it can be found pretty much anywhere throughout the country? Or better yet, because of HAPPY HOUR!!! HUB

Earth Plus Gallery – Kiba, Tokyo

Earth Plus Gallery is a fusion of many elements to make what is known as a bar + cafe with an event space open for reservation. Combining alcohol, food and a variety of art in its various forms, the concept is unique, even in a

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Neigh-bar (Neighbour) – Asakusa, Tokyo

A recent addition to the Traditional district of Asakusa, Neighbour is slowly making a name for itself as the friendly yet modest bar with big ambitions. Unofficially opening in October of last year, and officially launching from November 2017, it has gradually started to gain

We went to Tokyo Comic Con 2017!!!

So it is that time again this year and Comic Con 2017 came to Tokyo on the 1st (Fri), 2nd (Sat) and 3rd (Sun) of December. FAQ Japan decided to check it out, held in the popular venue of Makuhari Messe – Chiba. Please check

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park – 広島平和記念公園

August 6, 1945, would be the day that goes down in history that devastated the city of Hiroshima, and particularly the area surrounding the Hiroshima Memorial Peace Park for years to come. The United States dropped one of two Atomic Bombs on Hiroshima, codenamed ‘Little

Mucho Modern Mexicano Restaurant – Central Tokyo (Station)

Situated within 10 minutes walk of central Tokyo station, on level 2 of the Tokia Building, Mucho Modern Mexicano is a casual dining restaurant that focuses on atmosphere, taste and reasonably priced dishes, provided in a comfortable setting. One of 4 similarly themed Mexican restaurants