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Friday, April 23, 2021

Kobe the Port City – Top 10 Experiences in Central Kansai

Kobe the port city, is the 4th biggest port in Japan and the 5th largest city in the nation. It has a population of approx. 1.5 million people and is one of the major...

4 Best Night Views in Japan

Japan has its fair share of great night scenery too, and here we have listed the 4 best night views in Japan. Surprisingly too, these mind-blowing views can be found outside the city of...
Gallery Toto Toilet

Gallery Toto – Narita Airport’s Finest Toilets

Head over to Terminal 2 of Narita's Airport and you can discover a uniquely fresh (and a little gross) gallery of sorts. Gallery Toto is a showroom of their finest bathroom facilities, in a...

Harry’s Sandwich Co – Prime American Comfort Food

Harry's Sandwich Co strikes a careful balance between homemade comfort-food and authentic American cooking. Especially, when your Californian friend reassures you of its genuine American character, taste and authentic atmosphere. Harry, is the humble owner,...

Tokyo Knowledge – Asakusa, Tokyo

For people looking for a chilled, inviting and friendly place to drink, don't look past Tokyo Knowledge. The bar is well known in Asakusa, with great tunes and an awesome vibe. Meet the owner,...

Mori Building Digital Art Museum – Odaiba, Tokyo

The Mori Building Digital Art Museum is a new take on the convergence between art and our digital world. Featuring the works of teamLab Borderless who aim to create one borderless world through their...

A Very Disney Christmas at Tokyo Disneyland – Urayasu, Chiba

Mention the words 'Tokyo Disneyland' to any of the locals in Japan and will see one of two things. You will be greeted with smiles of glee and euphoria or a frown rooted in...

Museum of Yebisu Beer – Ebisu, Tokyo

Heading back in time The smallish (by Tokyo standards) and stylish district of Ebisu, is also home to the Museum of Yebisu Beer. Formerly known as Yebisu, Ebisu was originally named after the beer brand....

Kirin Beer Factory Tour – Yokohama

The Kirin Beer Factory Tour is the company's free information session and introduction to its globally recognised beer brand. The idea is not unique though, as you can take part in a range of...

Spider Lillies – Koma, Saitama

Hidden Treasure There is a little gem that is definitely worth seeing if you are in the Tokyo area. Towards the end of September, you can find a plethora of Spider Lillies. Located in the...