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Cinemas, Ticketing, Pricing and More …

Coming from Australia, I found the pricing of movie tickets in Japan to be in line with my expectations, being virtual identical to home. So the burning hole in my pocket gets bigger with each cinema visit. However, if you come from the US or

Student Visa for Japanese Language Schools

While Japan’s official stance is that it is tough on immigration and rules are strictly maintained, you could be forgiven for thinking the opposite is true. In light of some recent introduction of new visas, loosening restrictions for a number of countries and promoting study

Free Wifi – Data Access for the Masses

Free WiFi is quickly becoming more and more prominent in Japan, increasingly with the recent influx in tourists as we approach Tokyo’s 2020 Olympics. Restaurant and cafe owners, mobile phone operators and many other venues are slowly realising the benefits of providing free and reliable

The Earthquake that Never Came!

On Friday, January 5 at 11:02 am, people within central Tokyo and the surrounding districts received a warning about an imminent earthquake, that was both powerful and would cause severe shaking. However, that shaking never happened, and the strong earthquake never came, even as mobile

Transferring Your License to a Japanese License

So you’re in Japan, maybe you have lived here for a couple of months ? or even a couple of years? (like me), and now you want your Japanese license (aka 外面切り替え or Gaimen Kirikae). Of course, there may be many reasons for this too,

The Japanese Convenience Store

Convenience stores are the pinnacle of Japan’s approach to simplifying life through services and technology, as they aspire to make things as ‘convenient’ and simple as possible. Open 24/7, they are the backbone of Japanese infrastructure, always open for a quick snack, coffee, ATM visit