Coca Cola’s Lemon-Can-Do


Do you love your Lemon Chu-hai just as much as you love your Coca-Cola? Well now Coca-Cola has launched the Lemon-Do, and so all your dreams of flavoured drinks, laced with alcohol and branded under the Coca-Cola label, are all but a trip to Japan away. A trip to Japan’s larger south-western island of Kyushu to be exact.

The Lemon-Do’s aim is to capture some of the already saturated markets of sweeter, sometimes labelled ‘healthier’ alternatives, via the promise of 0 calories and no sugar, the Lemon-do also presents consumers with another option. Coca-Cola is offering a selection of 3, 5 and 7% alcoholic strength beverages, priced in line with similar competition below 200 yen.

Based off the Japanese izakaya favourites like Lemon Sour (レモンサワー) style drinks, which are usually a combination of Shochu and lemon juice, the product developers figured it could prove a hit if made available outside to the general public too.

The market is seen as a popular hit with the younger generation, who are perhaps more health conscious and looking for other choices to replace the default go-to option of beer and wine. Especially, it has been said to be synonymous with younger adult females.

The Lemon-Do’s move into the alcoholic beverage foray is seen as a push to diversify beyond the bounds of Coke’s sodas and their diet substitutes, but it will remain sold purely in the island of Kyushu only, for the time being.

Source: Coca-Cola of Japan’s website


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