Denpoin Garden – The Secret Gardens of Asakusa


Denpoin Garden is the stranger hidden inside Asakusa’s well-known Tokyo downtown district full of tradition, culture and history. Whether it be via the infamous Sensou-ji (浅草寺) Temple, 5 Storey Pagoda, Kaminarimon gate (雷門 – the entrance to Sensou-ji) or the many (and there are many) rickshaws (人リクシャー) waiting outside offering local guided tours throughout the vicinity. The one place you may have completely missed though is the Denpoin temple and gardens tucked away between Sensouji and Denpoin-Dori.

The garden itself used to be locked away permanently from the public eye, and would typically open for special occasions only. However, recently its doors are open again, albeit for a limited time, during spring. Starting in mid-March to early May, the gates open just in time to welcome the gorgeously pink Cherry Blossoms and warmth of the spring season.

The grounds are quite small, extending out to a tiny 10,000 metres squared, however, the garden’s beauty is the rich colour scheme and intricately trimmed vegetation. Carefully manicured hedges have been trimmed so precisely it seems for generations, ponds inhabited by golden carp fish sit silently calm surrounded by beautifully maintained lush green turf. A few small stone bridges connect the rocky concrete path that loops through the garden. You can also capture some decent shots of the five storey pagoda located next door, plus Tokyo’s Skytree in the backdrop reaching for the heavens.

Entrance to the Park is a short stroll from Sensou-ji temple and Kaminarimon gate. Entry usually costs 300 yen, and it operates between the hours of 10:00 to 16:00.


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