Earth Plus Gallery – Kiba, Tokyo


Earth Plus Gallery is a fusion of many elements to make what is known as a bar + cafe with an event space open for reservation located in Kiba, Tokyo. Combining alcohol, food and a variety of art in its various forms, the concept is unique, even in a country as quirky as Japan.

As a bar, the drinking hole operates during normal lunch and dinner hours, open from 11am all the way through to drinking time during both weekdays (excluding Mondays) and weekends. It offers lunch and dinner specials from time to time and holds a variety of art inspired events.

As a venue, it hosts a range of events, fortunately, one being an Ikebana function I was graciously invited to, simply called ‘Sake with Flower’, to demonstrate the variety and uniqueness of occasions that take place there. It has also held a number of DJ spots, dance and musical performances and other kinds of parties, so we recommend you check their Facebook page or website for all the latest and greatest info!

Earth Plus Gallery details:

Opening hours: weekdays (excl. Mon) 11 am to 7 pm, weekends (incl. Fri night) 11 am to 10 pm.

Address: 3-18-17 Kiba, Kotoku, Tokyo 135-0042

Or find the bar on google maps here.

Telephone: 1F 03-3630-1655 / 2F 03-5809-9949


Facebook Site:


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