Final Fantasy 30 – The Whiskey!


Any RPG (Role Playing Game) or JPRG (Japanese Role Playing Game) fan will tell you this post’s title is deceptive, particularly given that the most recent entrant in the “Final Fantasy” video game series is number XV, or 15 for the roman numerical illiterates. However, due to the 30th year anniversary of the game, dating back to 1987, Square Enix has decided to celebrate with drinks! Unfortunately, its a party that nor your or I could ever attend, but if you have enough cash to splurge on this collector’s piece of gaming history, you could throw your own gig.

Mumur the words ‘Final Fantasy’ to any RPG or even JRPG devotee, you will be met with grinning faces of nostalgia. For the unbeknownst, some games in the franchise have been commonly labelled the best of the best JRPGs, with a cult following of diehard enthusiasts located across the globe. Now comprising of 15 individual instalments, each journey is set in its own unique world, featuring a whole new story line, game mechanics, characters (excluding Cid), power-ups, levelling system and more. Arguably, one of the most famous and successful titles in the series, Final Fantasy 7 made Square Enix the household name it has become today.

Therefore to celebrate all of its success and triumph over the past 3 decades, Square Enix has decided to invest in a similarly aged bottle of Whiskey distilled over 30 years to match the age of the first entrant in the chronology.

Perhaps you may have heard of Square Enix’s dabble into the food sector, through a number of quality eatery projects. This time they have gone for the ultimate in prestige beverages by electing Scottish distillery Glenfarclas to produce their commemorative bottle of booze. As a result, while Nintendo’s Entertainment System (NES) was about to be graced with the first release of ‘Final Fantasy’, 1987 was also the year Glenfarclas was distilling its single malt Whiskey, which would then become an alcoholic treasure. The label too, is very Final Fantasy-esque, with its 30th Anniversary logo surrounded by Chocobos and a Moogle.

So how much would you expect to pay for one of these limited edition recollections of classic gaming? 37,000 big ones to be exact, that is yen mind you, and with only 303 of the 700 ml bottles available, chances are the will go like hot-cakes. Also, if you think the price is a little steep, all you need to do is check the original price of an existing bottle of Glenfarclas Whiskey, and you’ll see there isn’t much difference.

You will be able to preorder the special ‘Final Fantasy’ 30th Anniversary whiskey from the Japanese liquor retailer Shinanoya. The company is said to begin taking preorders online through its website from January 26 (Australia Day!) all the way through to February 2. Any remaining bottles will then be offered for immediate purchase, but it would be safe to assume that they will all go before then. So get in while you can!


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