First Cherry Blossoms of Nagasaki are Blooming


In the southwestern prefecture of Kyushu, the first Cherry Blossoms of Nagasaki are blooming. The Japan Meteorological Agency reported that the ‘Somei Yoshino’ type of Sakura has sprouted, with the first flowers springing their petals into life.

The Somei Yoshino Cherry Trees are generally white or pale pink in colour. They grow in clusters of about 5 or 6 petals and exist all over Japan.

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Photo Source: Kyodo

Department Officials stated that they confirmed the bloom via their observatory in central Nagasaki. The bloom is four days earlier than normal, but 3 days later than last year.

The last year or so has been warmer than average weather patterns. As a result, this means the Cherry Blossoms are also blooming ahead of schedule. It is expected they will reach full bloom in the next 7 to 10 days.

As an example, the agency reported the average weather in Nagasaki was around 11 degrees or 2 higher than average. Similarly, they said that early March is also higher at around 2 degrees higher than normal weather patterns.

They Meteorological Agency has also forecast Tokyo to start blooming from March 22 this year, which is earlier than usual. They also attribute this to the warmer than normal weather over the past 12 months.

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