Gallery Toto – Narita Airport’s Finest Toilets


Head over to Terminal 2 of Narita’s Airport and you can discover a uniquely fresh (and a little gross) gallery of sorts. Gallery Toto is a showroom of their finest bathroom facilities, in a display akin to that of a contemporary art exhibition.

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Front Screen Toilets
Source: Toto

Gallery Toto embraces its modern naming conventions from the beginning. Before you enter the site, you will witness a kaleidoscope of screens that overdose on colour. The screens switch between many aspects of Japan culture including cuisine, pop-culture, tradition and blinding city neons. Their silhouetted effect also references to the airport itself and the use of toilets. In fact, the screen itself has such a distinct style, the displays themselves could be considered artwork.

Front Screen Manga
Source: Toto

A Gallery of Toilets You Can Use

As you drag yourself from the captivating displays, you will be confronted with a maze-like space. The entrance draws you in with many shutoff rooms. As you enter on your immediate left you will find a nursing room for parents. To your immediate right lies a disabled and gender-neutral toilet too. That leaves four remaining toilets for both female and males.

Toto Gallery Layout
Source: Toto

For the females, head to the left beyond the nursing room for your choice of bathrooms. For the males, your selection of bathrooms start from the main central cubicle and continue to the right, beyond the disabled toilet.

Gallery Toto
Source: Toto

For those worried that they may be missing out on the visual experience from the male restroom and vice versa. Do not fret, the same wall styling and images are duplicated in both male and female rooms.

Gallery Toto Toilet
Source: Toto

Product Pride

Toto takes hygiene and cleanliness very seriously, and this is also evident in their display. Firstly, because this is considered a gallery open to the public, so keeping it pristine is crucial. Moreover, this is a corporate product display and demonstration, which they take pride in and need to keep in perfect condition. Finally, the fact these toilets are usable public facilities highlights the need for regular sterilisation.

Gallery Toto Wash basin
Source: Toto

If you are familiar with Japanese toilets, then you might be familiar with the washlet and bide functions. If you need assistance, there are easy video guides in the gallery that you can watch for a better explanation.


Please note you can only access this display from Terminal 2 at Narita Airport, from the departures area. This means you need to check-in for your flight and clear customs and immigration before you can access this display.

Front Screen Traditional Japan
Source: Toto



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