Hakone Discount Passes on the Odakyu Line


Hakone is a small scenic getaway many Tokyoites and now tourists take for a weekend getaway. There are a bunch of Hakone discount passes on the Odakyu line providing savings for many customers. In fact, the Odakyu line covers a range of areas including Mt Fuji, Hakone, Kamakura and more. Thus, here is a summary of some of the passes you can take advantage of via the Odakyu network from Shinjuku station:

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Hakone Freepass

The Hakone Freepass is available in 2-day and 3-day options but must be used over consecutive days. It is priced from 5,700 yen (2-day pass) from April 1, 2019 (currently 5,140 yen), children are priced at 1,500 yen. It is also available as a 3-day pass for 6,100 yen from April 1, 2019 (currently 5,460 yen), or 1,750 yen for children. Furthermore, you can also purchase at Odawara or Machida for reduced pricing.

This includes a return trip from Shinjuku to Odawara stations, excluding the romancecar. Plus unlimited use of the various local transport lines including the Hakone Tozan Railway and the Hakone Sightseeing Cruise. Additionally, you can enjoy the main attraction on Lake Ashi, as well as special discounts at multiple locations. Namely, you can access the discount from over 50 hot springs and tourism facilities in the Hakone area.

For more information, we recommend you check the Hakone Freepass page.

The Enoshima/Kamakura Freepass

The Enoshima/Kamakura Freepass is a 1-day pass starting at 1,470 yen for adults and 740 yen for children. The pass is a 1-day pass and is only valid on a single day, rather than 24 hours. Yet, it is cheaper from closer destinations

The pass enables visitors to explore the wonderous oceans that line the shore of Kanagawa Prefecture, Enoshima. Additionally, it ventures through its neighbouring city of Kamakura. This is home to one of the great buddha’s in Japan and a very traditional town in its own right.

In spring, this is a popular ride for the people looking for the cherry blossoms, or to enjoy the seasonal warmth. The summer brings in many of the beach lovers to the sandy ocean shores. Meanwhile, the autumn is full of red foliage attracting crowds with its rich red and brown colourful display.

For more information, we recommend you check out the Enoshima/Kamakura Freepass page.

The Fuji Hakone Pass

The Fuji Hakone Pass is valid for 3 consecutive days which covers both the Hakone and Mt Fuji areas. It is priced from ¥9,090 for adults from April 1, 2019 (currently 8,000 yen), and 3,250 yen for children (currently 4,000 yen).

The pass covers the main two landmarks of Japan, Hakone and Mt. Fuji. So, they can be done on a single trip. In addition, the thrill seekers can also visit Fuji-Q Highland if time permits. The pass covers the cost of return travel from Shinjuku to Hakone by train or an express bus to Mt. Fuji. Moreover, it comprises transportation options within each area and discounts at several locations. These sites include art museums, hot springs facilities and restaurants.

For more information, please check out the Fuji Hakone Pass page. You can also visit the Shinjuku or Odawara stations on the Odakyu line to purchase the tickets or for more information.

*Please note all children’s prices are for ages 6 – 11 at the time of writing.

Additional Options

The Hakone Kamakura Pass is valid for 3 days and covers the Kamakura, Enoshima and Hakone areas. It is priced from 7,000 yen for adults (currently 6,500 yen) and 2,250 yen for children. Specifically, it provides unlimited rides of the Odakyu lines, all 8 Hakone transport lines and the Enoden lines of Enoshima and Kamakura. Plus, it entitles holders to discounts at various parks, museums and hot spring facilities.

The Tanzawa-Oyama Freepass is valid for 2 days and covering the Tanzawa and Oyama area. It is priced at 2,430 yen for adults (1,530 yen without Oyama cablecar) or 1,230 yen for children (760 yen without Oyama cablecar). It encompasses a return trip on the Odakyu line, plus access to the hiking trails and hot springs. Furthermore, you can experience the autumn foliage and shrines and temples that populate the vicinity.

For more information, please check out the Fuji Hakone Pass page. You can also visit the Shinjuku or Odawara stations on the Odakyu line to purchase the tickets or for more information.

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