Hello Kitty reveals the Puuuurfect Railway Escape


If you have been following our news before you may have read about JR West`s plans to launch a Hello Kitty inspired Shinkansen (bullet train). Well, now that news has become a reality. In their recent unveiling the new Hello Kitty-themed carriages have come to life.

Due to start service today along the Osaka line all the way to Kyushu’s Hakata Station in Fukuoka. The train is due to complete daily trips between the two stations starting at Shin-Osaka Station.

In the official announcement at JR West’s Fukuoka facility, they showed off the 8 carriage train, decked out in Kitty style decor. On the outside, you can see pink ribbons line the outside of the cars to recreate the cute theme of the character.

Inside is a similar story keeping in theme with the character’s vibe you can find Kitty in crew uniform throughout each carriage. Here she is holding a range of specialties from the various areas serviced by the special bullet train.

In the first carriage, they will also feature an area dedicated to introducing signature dishes from each of the major areas covered by JR West. Similar to a souvenir shop, it will be called Hello Plaza. In addition, the second carriage will be subject to photo ops with a huge Hello Kitty doll.

You can find more info on their official blog page.


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