Top 12 Horrifying Halloween Expressions


So it’s Halloween time, well officially that is on the 31st of October 2017, and time to learn some Horrifying Halloween Expressions, even though you may have retired your costumes from the previous weekends antics, no doubt many diehard party goers will still venture out in their spooky suits and more.

In this post we are mainly focusing on those eerie expressions that are more common on this side of October. Even though some may seem quite obvious, being loan words from the English language or more accurately American culture, others are outright Japanese only.

Hopefully, this list will help contribute to your horrifying Halloween haunts, especially if you happen to be in Japan.

The 12 Terrifying Terms:

1. ハロウィン – (Harouin) the key word for ‘Halloween’ and sometimes when attached to the end of ハッピー (Happy) can form the phrase ‘Happy Halloween’.

2.トリック・オア・トリート – (Torikku Oa Toriito) ‘Trick or Treat’ is the most common expression used by children, especially when approaching people’s houses for sweets and candies.

3. 幽霊 – (ゆうれい or Yuurei) is not so common, but is used for when referring to ‘Ghost, Spirit or Apparition’.

4. お化け – (おばけ or Obake) is the more commonly word used for ‘Ghost, Spirit or Apparition’.

5. 化け物 – (ばけもの or Bakemono) is a common word used when referring to a ‘Goblin or Monster’.

6. 魔女 – (まじょ or Majou) basically means ‘Witch’.

7. 悪魔 – (あくま or Akuma) most commonly used in reference to ‘Devil or Demon’.

8. 悪夢 – (あくむ or Akumu) when you wake up from that unforgettable ‘Nightmare or Bad Dream’.

9. ミイラ – (みいら or Miira) means a bandage wrapped horror ‘Mummy’, of course the one from the tombstones or pyramids, not your beautiful mother!

10. 蜘蛛 – (くも or Kumo) that large creepy crawly ‘Spider’, waiting to scare you into November.

11. ジャック・オ・ランタン – (じゃっく お らんたん or Jyakku O Rantan) the famous lit up pumpkin creations referred to as ‘Jack ‘O’ Lanterns’ you see everywhere throughout the Halloween season.

12. コスプレ – (こすぷれ – Kosupure) the Japanese word combination of Costume and Play, refers to dressing up for those large annual events. Especially, the likes of Halloween and more.





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