How to Buy Tickets for the New Mt Fuji Excursion Express


Perhaps you heard about the new Mt Fuji Excursion Express from Shinjuku, which started on March 16 this year. Since JR announced the service, there has been some confusion about how to purchase tickets, where and timetable operation. As a result, here is our quick guide on how to buy tickets, where to go, costs and scheduling.

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Firstly, the service is limited to two morning and afternoon services. The first two morning services operate from Shinjuku to Kawaguchiko, with one at 8:30 am and the next and last at 9:30 am. The return service back to Shinjuku operates in the afternoon, and it departs from Kawaguchiko at 15:05 and 17:38. The total journey takes 1 hour and 52 minutes,  will provide scenic views of Mt Fuji from a number of vantage points along the way.

Picture Source Fujikyuko Co., Ltd.
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Specifically, the service also stops at Tachikawa, Kichioji and Otsuki. Plus, you can use the service to reach other stations like Mt Fuji, Fujikyu-Highland (theme park) and finally Kawaguchiko. Similarly, vice versa on the return trip back to Shinjuku.

The 3 carriage train has a number of nice features to compliment the service. These include toilets, large luggage space, comfortable seating and power outlets. The seating features two rows of comfortable reclining seats on either side of the train. The storage space is quite large to fit multiple suitcases too.

Photo Source JR East

The electrical outlets are the standard Japanese two prong connector type.

Photo Source JR East

Ticket Prices vary according to your final destination and start from 3,940 yen for Mt Fuji Station. Further, for Fujikyu-Highland it is 4,000 yen or 4,060 yen to Kawaguchiko station the final stop on the line. Please note these prices are for one way only, no a round trip, so you will need to pay this price twice for the return journey.

To purchase tickets you will need to go to the JR Ticket Office (midori-no-madoguchi), which are available at most stations. They generally open from 10 am, and you can reserve tickets up to one month before your departure. The JR Rail Pass can also be used to subsidise most of the journey. However, you will need to pay an additional charge for usage of the Fujikyu railway lines. For more information about purchasing tickets, please check the JR East website.

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