The Beauty of the Hydrangeas in Kamakura


Check out the beauty of the Hydrangeas in Kamakura at Meigetsu-in. Hydrangeas are known as 紫陽花 or Ajisai in Japanese. They are just a short walk from Kita-Kamakura Station on the Yokosuka line. It’s less than an hour train ride from Tokyo station.

The Hydrangeas in Kamakura are so popular, we recommend you visit on a weekday if possible as the crowds can be out of control. Especially, avoid weekends and public holidays if you can.

How to Get There

To access the amazing Hydrangeas in Kita-Kamakura station, you can take the Yokosuka line directly from main hubs like Tokyo, Shinagawa, Shimbashi and Kinshicho stations. Once you get off at the station, Meigetsu-in is about a 9-10 minute stroll. You can also find Meigetsu-in on google maps here.


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