Increase Foreign Investors and Entrepreneurs Program


Foreign Investors and Entrepreneurs who wish to start a business in Japan already have it pretty difficult. The Business Investor Visa criteria have some pretty high goals to hit. Not only do they need an office in Japan, but they also need to employ 2 full-time employees or have 5 million yen in Japan.

So, to reduce some of the initial burdens, the Government decided to introduce a transition program. The Government hopes the program will reduce some of the initial burdens on Foreign Investors and Entrepreneurs. For the business owner, it provides a 6 month transition period and laxes some of the requirements at the same time.

Basically, the business owner needs to provide documentation to the Tokyo Metro Government. This documentation includes a copy of the business plan, plus resume and ID. They also need to supply proof of future residency plus bank statements of current savings.

The Entrepreneur needs to demonstrate to the Government that they can fulfil the full requirements of the Business Investor visa after 6 months. Hence, the documentation needs to illustrate how the business owner can achieve these objectives.

The Government will confirm the foreign entrepreneur is eligible once they are satisfied with all the documentation they receive. After this, they will issue a ‘Certificate of Confirmation of Business Startup Activities’. The Foreign Entrepreneur will then use the certificate to apply for a Business Manager Visa. Of course, there is an application process, plus additional documentation that he/she will need to submit too.

For further information and support about the transition program, we recommend you visit the Business Development Centre Tokyo website.


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