International Stadium Yokohama – Kanagawa Prefecture


International Stadium Yokohama (aka Nissan Stadium) is Tokyo’s premier stadium for this year’s Rugby World Cup 2019. Located in Kanagawa Prefecture, south of central Tokyo, it will hold one of the first powerhouse match-ups of the championship. Additionally, it is going to hold the Semi-Finals and Grand Final of the competition.

The new Olympic Stadium was previously set as the key venue to hold all the major games of the Cup. However, due to much delays, that deadline was never going to be met. As a result, Yokohama was the next best choice to fill the Olympic Stadiums shoes.

The venue will hold its first game at 18:45 on September 21. The first match sees tournament favourites the All Blacks (NZ) vs heavy hitters and major rival the Springbox (SA). This game will almost set the bar for the quality of games we will see for the rest of the draw.

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Accessing the International Stadium Yokohama

The International Stadium Yokohama’s total capacity is 72,237 seats and is roughly an hour from Tokyo central station. You can use the Keihintohoku and Yokohama lines to access the venue. It is just over a 10-minute walk from Shin-Yokohama station.

The Stadium has previously held some of the crucial games of the FIFA World Cup 2002, including the Final. During the event, the venue regularly saw numbers in the high 60,000s. It almost maxed out at over 69,000 spectators for the final between Germany and Brazil. So, with less than 99 days to go till this pinnacle event, we’re all getting super samurai excited !!!

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