Introducing Our Brand New FAQ Japan Store!


Welcome to our new online FAQ Japan Store.

Our First Product Line

In our first line of shirts, we use the phrase ’ここよくくる?’ (Koko yoku kuru?) in Japanese which translates into ‘Do you come here often ?’ Even in English, this translates as a pretty cheesy and overused pick-up line, and that’s the point. So we hope people see the humour and have a good laugh. As an Ice Breaker, we also hope it can create chances and opportunities in situations where you wouldn’t think or expect it could.

Our Store also comes with an initial limited time 15% discount for the first 14 days of purchase. If you use the code welcome-100356225, you can redeem 15% off the price of your purchase from today.

In the Future …

Looking ahead we will be launching fresh designs, with new cheesy lines and Japanese inspired phrases and content we hope you can enjoy, laugh at and ultimately use. We will also be holding a range of campaigns and competitions in the future, so keep your eyes open for that.

Finally, we are really interested in our reader’s own ideas. Feel free to comment below on your favourite pick-up/nanpa line, or general idea and we may even be able to consider it for future product designs. In addition, purchasing any shirts from this site will help to fund our ongoing objective, to deliver better content and information moving forward.

To access the shirts you can access our online store, or click on the ‘Store’ tab in the main menu of this page.

Anyway, hope the shirts are helpful in some way and remember – Promote communication, break down barriers and build quality relationships with everyone.


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