Japan Free SIM Card, Free Internet access, Free … Surveys ?


Welcome to a Japan Free SIM Card

As a visitor to any country you always want to feel welcome, and the new Japan Free SIM Card from Docomo (NTT) is hoping to achieve that. It is welcoming all tourists to Japan with the promise of free internet access via a SIM Card, that you guessed it … is also free. Docomo is also offering other additional pricing options for those who prefer higher data speeds.

Take note you need to reserve the SIM card before leaving your home country so that you can then collect your free (or almost) gift upon arrival in Japan. You will be able to claim your free SIM card at an exchange location, from either Narita, Haneda, Kansai (Osaka) and Hakata (Fukuoka, from August 2017) International Airports.

You will be able to access the internet via Docomo’s network for a maximum limit of 15 days. There are currently 3 different plans, including the aforementioned free plan, a 1000 yen plan and a 1700 yen plan.

To Free or NOT to Free

Firstly, the free plan will provide data you with unlimited data at 128kbps. This is in exchange for viewing a certain amount of advertisements and completing surveys prior to arriving in Japan.

The 1000 yen plan will provide data at the same data speeds (128kbps), except this will be ad-free. In addition, you will not be required to view advertisements or complete surveys.

The 1700 yen plan will provide increased data speeds (up to 682 Mbps) for the initial 500 MB used. However, after this limit is reached you will be throttled back to 128kbps, at which time you can watch additional advertising and complete surveys to recharge your SIM.

Additional recharge options are available for high-speed data access too. For an extra 200 yen, this will fetch you an additional 100 MB and 700 yen will provide you with another 500 MB.

Please note the SIM card is a multi-cut SIM, meaning you should be able to use on any phone as it supports, regular, micro and nano SIM sizes.

Finally, as this is a data SIM, voice calls cannot be made. However, you will be able to make use of the SMS messaging service.

For further information, you can read the original announcement on Docomo’s website here.  Alternatively, you might like to jump straight to the official Application form on Docomo’s website here, and don’t worry it is available in English. You can also find the list of available pick-up points here.

In addition, you may be interested in other Free WiFi options listed here, or you may be interested in other SIM card options that include a phone number like Ii Jmio here.



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