Kansai Bridge is Fully Repaired in Time for Golden Week


Kansai Airport is fully repaired after it was hit hard by Typhoon Jebi in September last year. The tropical cyclone had caused widespread damage to the Kansai area. The airport too was quite badly hit. The disaster had caused temporary flooding to both one of the terminals and runways. Specifically, it had caused a lone oil tanker to collide with the bridge. This forced the airport to close one half of the bridge. As a result, thousands were left stranded at the airport.

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Photo Source Kyodo

Soon after, reconstruction had started, however, full operation wasn’t expected to be restored until 12 months later. Yet, after the authorities had prioritised work, the bridge was open and back to 100% operation yesterday. These repairs were expedited just in time before the longer than usual Golden Week hits this year in April/May. It seems that higher than usual traffic volumes are expected during this time. Hence, the bridge repairs were finished just in time.

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