Medium (Mexican Cuisine) – Kiyosumi-Shirakawa, Tokyo


Medium, Mild or Spicy?

So you have a Mexican (or even a Medium) craving, but not sure where to try? How about Medium? Who would think that in a place like Japan, an island historically cut-off from its Western and Asian neighbours, years later would be home to some of the most popular and delectable cuisine in the world. Specifically, Tokyo, home to a generous selection of unique and international dining experiences across its many different districts.

Enter Cafe & Bar Medium, a Mexican themed bar and restaurant situated in Kiyosumi-Shirakawa, a short stone’s throw away from Central Tokyo and Otemachi Station.

What’s Inside?

Upon entering the restaurant, you will the notice the interior is lined with a combination of Mexican Sombrero’s, fine Tequilas and some interesting and obscure Japanese ornaments. Enough to suggest there are some Central American flavours fused with a hint of oriental influence fresh from the East. The menu on offer is available in both Japanese and English, so communication barriers aside, you should be able to point your way to success.

The restaurant opens for both lunch and dinner, so depending on your preference you can opt for the cheaper lunch option, or go all outcome dinner time. For lunch, some of the more popular choices are the Medium (exclusive) Hot Dog and Burrito Bowl with your selection of meat including Taco mince, pork and Jerk Chicken too. Some of the recommended favourites on the dinner menu include Medium Nachos, Guacamole, Medium Burrito, Jerk Chicken and any of the Tacos you can find on the menu.

For those of you unfamiliar with Jerk Chicken, this is a famous spicy form of grilled chicken from Jamaica. The chicken is dry-rubbed or marinated in a special Jerk spice mixture and then grilled till tender. This particular dish is served with sauerkraut, mashed potato and ketchup, and is one of the specialties of the restaurant, and I also highly recommend it.

In terms of drinks, during lunch time you have the normal choices, you would find in most cafes, including juices, coffee, tea and more. However, the homemade lemonade is one of my fan favourites. Come night time and the menu becomes exceedingly more expansive as the alcohol crowd changes. The beer on tap is usually a lighter Shirohonoka (craft beer from Sapporo) and the Ebisu stout (black) beer. You also have a classic range of bottle beers including Coffee Beer, and a fine range of tequilas from the cheap and nasty, to homemade, to the extremely exquisite (and expensive!)

The theme and atmosphere of the bar is light and friendly, and sometimes you can sit at the counter and meet some of the more local frequenters of this establishment. Service levels are also quite good and you can usually chat away with some of the local staff on duty. Of course being such a local fan favourite, being able to converse a little in Japanese goes a long way to enhance your overall experience.

The place itself is small and cosey, and while it doesn’t cater for large crowds, in more than compensates in character and taste.

Finally, the place also has Free WiFi if you ask for the password, so that will also keep you connected.

Medium Mexican Bar and Restaurant Details:

Opening hours: Everyday 11:30am-15: oo for lunch and 5:00 pm to late (longer if you drink more!). Mondays are their usual holiday.

Address: 1-4-18 Shirakawa, Koto-ku, Tokyo

Or find the bar on google maps here.

Telephone: 0

Website: via the Hot Pepper site here.

Facebook Page:


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