Metal Bar God Chappie (ゴッドチャッピー) – Asakusa, Tokyo


If you thought heavy metal music themed bars couldn’t be lively, bright and full of red velvet, think again. Located in the back streets of Asakusa, close to Sensoji Temple. God Chappie offers up a different mix of metal tunes, relaxing vibes, great food and … Red Velvet Decor!

At the helm, you will meet Kota, an unassumingly cool, kind and reserved guy, who will do his best to take care of you. Speaking English is definitely ok, and he offers an English menu with pictures via tablet to help make your choices simple. After ordering a drink, he may even give you the WiFi password if you ask politely 😉 Yes, you can also score free WiFi here too!

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Food and Drinks

Prices are very reasonable for both food and drink, and you will always find yourself nicely surprised with change to spare. In terms of drinks, all the standard Japanese choices are available. Plus, an interesting and unique mix of sweet mixers, liqueurs and more. Food is also another of Kota’s fortes. From his fancy Fried Rice to his appetising Korean Pancake, he is bound to surprise you with the quality and taste of his cuisine.

In the far right corner of the bar, you will find a large TV screen, usually playing his favourite Metal tunes. This includes a diverse sample of International and Japanese artists. Particularly, his most loved (I think) being Baby Metal, who are a huge Heavy Metal act on the Japanese scene.

The Clientele that frequents this bar is also surprisingly varied. It could be the Asakusa locals, people from across Tokyo or even Japan to a regular flow of foreigner customers that come. Being a small bar, it is easy to talk to other people in the bar too.

Ultimately, this is another place to enjoy the nightlife of Asakusa, and a great place you should check out to enjoy the bar scene in the region. Drink on!!!

Metal Bar God Chappie Details:

Opening hours: Everyday 7 pm to around 1 am (longer if you drink more!)

Address: 1-41-5Asakusa, Taitoku, Tokyo

Or find the bar on google maps here.

Telephone: 050-3620-8563


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