Mori Building Digital Art Museum – Odaiba, Tokyo


The Mori Building Digital Art Museum is a new take on the convergence between art and our digital world. Featuring the works of teamLab Borderless who aim to create one borderless world through their creative works.

MORI is a property management firm, and responsible for many of the tallest architecture in Japan. One only needs to think of Skyscrapers like Roppongi Hills or Toranomon Hills as an example of their work.

MORI’s latest collaboration with teamLab Borderless is a bridge between the digital an analogue worlds. They hope to inspire a new form of art, that is both free and connected. The animated works themselves will wonder about the building, free of borders. They will also interact with humans and each other.

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The Digital Experience

Some key highlights are the Crystal World, the Memory of Topography and the Forest of Flowers and People. However, to really overload your senses one needs to experience this fascinating visual spectacle live in person.

The most talked about and uploaded pictures from social media is the Forest of Lamps. This awesome array of colour and light sets the mood. It explores this through the vyears four seasons and earth’s natural forces. Fire, Ice and Autumn are expressed through the discreet tinges of red, blue and orange respectively.

In addition, there is also a fully interactive digital playground for children too. The Future Park and Athletics Forest areas are full of creative and rideable displays to keep the kids occupied too.

So while the video is a preview of what you can encounter and experience on your tour, the real fun is just seeing everything for yourself.

The museum is located in Odaiba, Tokyo. The closest train station is Tokyo Teleport via the Rinkai line, but you can also access it via Odaibakaihinkoen on the Yurikamome lines. For more information or to book tickets, we recommend you check their website.

Mori Building Digital Art Museum Details:

Opening hours: Everyday from 10 am to 7 pm, 9 pm Fri-sat, 8 pm Sun

Address: Odaiba Palette Town, Aomi 1-3-8, Koto-Ku, Tokyo, Japan

Or find the museum on google maps here.

Website (ticket bookings):

Phone: 03-6406-3949

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