Mori Digital Art Museum: by teamLab Borderless


This video is a quick look at some of the fascinating work inside the amazing Mori Digital Art Museum.

Mori is widely known throughout Japan for its collection of art exhibitions and collections. Paritcularly, the ones held in the higher levels of Roppongi Hills. Mori Digital Art Museum, held in Odaiba, is another awe-inspiring and stunning display of technical prowess and colour.

For example, you can walk into one room with a visuals of digital butterflies, then return 30 minutes later and find the walls full of flying petals and colourful flower beds.

There is also an totally interactive space built specifically for kids, which includes rides, a few different playgrounds and pictures which you can stick up and animate on their digital wall.

The show runs through to September 2, so we recommend you be quick and reserve your tickets now. You can find more information and reserve tickets directly from their website.


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