New Starbucks Reserve – It’s Biggest Roastery in the World


The new Starbucks Reserve, roastery and store, is the biggest conceived by the brand so far. It is the largest outlet in the world carrying the Starbucks name, and it stands at a staggering 32,000 plus square foot (almost 3,000 square metres).

Photos courtesy of Starbucks Corp

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The new upmarket retail shop opened last Thursday to, you guessed it, diehard fans wanting a taste (literally). It was built in the Nakameguro area, near the Meguro river. Coincidentally, (or not) it has arrived just in time for the Cherry Blossom fanfare. Spring and all the Hanami (drinking party) madness will occur just outside its front doors.

Photos courtesy of Starbucks Corp

The store is only one of 5 that has been constructed in the world so far. After New York, Seattle and Milan this coffee behemoth in Tokyo best even Shanghai as its largest to date. It features a huge four storey layout, plus a rustic outdoor setting that overlooks the Meguro river.

Photos courtesy of Starbucks Corp

Inside the Flagship

The first floor of the next flagship store features a bakery and cafe. The second floor is for tea lovers, comprising of teas from all over the world. The third floor is the cocktail bar, where you can order from over 100 drinks on the menu, including coffee flavoured concoctions. The top-level floor (fourth) consists of a lounge and workspace area.

Photos courtesy of Starbucks Corp

The exterior design elements come from local designer Kengo Kuma. Meanwhile, the inside decor cues all come from Starbucks own design team. Trying to create a creative and immersive experience, they also included a dedicated ‘inspirational lounge’ area, designed to host events. Starbucks also hopes to certify the store through the Specialty Coffee Association, a non-profit training association. They hope this will then help them train professional baristas in the future.

The premium appeal doesn’t just end with the look and feel. The menu and items available are all priced in accordance with the interior themes. So expect to pay around 1,200 yen for some of their coffee flavoured cocktails. Perhaps, you may want to try their one of their special turmeric cotton candy. Either way, there is an abundance of drinks to choose from to keep you coming back for probably an entirety.

Photos courtesy of Starbucks Corp

For more information about the store, head to their official website.

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