Nintendo Switch in Japan – English is Still OK!


Nintendo Switch is the seventh instalment in its series of consoles, exceeded all expectations including its own, to sell not only a huge 3 million units in its initial month of release, but also moved a massive 14 million units in its first year on the market. Much of this success has come down to the popularity of its first-party launch titles such as Zelda and Mario Odessey. As a result, we are seeing Nintendo building a new resurgence back into the gaming arena.

So, what happens if you’re in Japan and want to get your hands on Nintendo’s hot new console, but you’re still concerned about your Japanese ability? Well, fear not nervous Nintendo fans, as you can choose your preferred language right off the bat.

When initially powering up your brand spanking new device, you will be asked to select your desired language. Once selected, this will be the standard language used each time you boot up the system. Most games should work in your selected language too, as games are now zone-free and can be used with any country’s system across the globe. The only exception to this rule is Japan-exclusive release titles, as there was never a translation made for these games, it will be impossible to play them in English.

This theme is consistent with Sony’s Playstation 4 too. For example, I have personally bought this console plus many games from retail outlets in Japan, and even downloaded games from the Japanese PSN Store. Even then, I have had no issues playing all the games I have bought in English.

So there you go Nintendo or even Sony fans for that matter, just make sure the game you buy also has an international release, and we think you should be ok.


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