Osaka Amazing Passes – Up to 48 hours of Kansai Entertainment


Osaka is the second largest city in Japan, but that doesn’t mean it is lacking entertainment options. So, the Osaka Amazing Passes are one way you can enjoy up to 2 days worth of these great attractions.

Photo Source: Osaka Convention and Tourism Bureau

The influx of tourism means there is a great opportunity to boost local consumption in the process. Thus, what better way to show off the local sites than through a series of passes. These not only promote the local sites with free discounted entry, but also provide free transport via most railway lines and buses.

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What passes are available?

The two types of Osaka Amazing Passes available are the 1-day pass for 2,500 yen or the 2-day pass at 3,300 yen. The passes are sold at a variety of locations including all subway station masters and pass sales locations. They can also be purchased at Tourist Information Centres in Namba (South) or Umeda (North). Kansai International Airport Terminals and the Kansai Tourist Information Centre in Kyoto also sell the passes. Moreover, you can find them at participating hotels too.

Photo Source: Osaka Convention and Tourism Bureau

The 1-day pass can only be used on the same day for all applicable railway and bus services, meaning from the start of services till the end. It does not mean within 24 hours of use. The 2-day pass can be used for 2 consecutive days only, and for all applicable railway and bus services on those 2 days. It does not mean within a 48 hour period.

Pass Benefits

The applicable bus and railway services include the following:

  • Subway includes the Midosuji, Chuo, Tanimachi, Sennichimae, Yotsubashi, Sakaisuji, Imazotosuji, Nanko Port Town and the Nagahori Tsurumi-Ryokuchi lines.
  • Other train lines include the Hankyu Railway, Nankai Railway, Kinki Nippon Railway, Keihan Electric Railway and Hanshin Railway.
  • City bus services, minus the IKEA Tsuruhama and Universal Studio Japan lines.

The passes also grant you access to many interesting attractions. These include the Dotonbori ZAZA (comedy show), Tombori River Cruise, the HEP 5 Ferris Wheel and Hot Spring Naniwa no yu. You can also access the Osaka Castle Museum, Legoland Discovery Centre, Tsutenkaku Tower and Tennoji Zoo. The Umeda Sky Building up to the observatory deck and the Illusion Museum are also free entry.

The passes also provide a number of discounts to sites and restaurants. Some of these highlights include discounted entry to a number of museums, the Osaka Aquarium and more. They also provide coupons and special discounts for some local restaurants.

Finally, there is the special Expo’70 Commemorative Park Edition 1 day pass. This includes all the features of the regular 1-day pass, plus free entry to the Expo’70 Commemorative Park. This limited special pass is available for 2,950 yen.

For more information about the Osaka Amazing Passes, please check out their website. For more information on Namba, the southern capital of Osaka, you can check out our guide.

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