Our New FAQs Page


That’s right, and perhaps a little overdue, our new FAQs page will be the main focus of our site. We will use this page as the driving force for most of our articles and to also try to help the community with their burning or unique questions about Japan.

The hope is that this page is a living page, that will continue to grow and develop with input from both our regular and casual readers. We are always looking for new ways to build up content for our fans, and to embrace the foreign and Japanese communities.

Comments Please for our FAQs Page!

We encourage you to visit the FAQs page and to also comment or post any questions you would like to see answered. Please also feel free to comment on any of the existing questions we have posted. This will help our subscribers and regular users to also appreciate a different perspective or answer. Diversity is great for delivering quality content and sharing information.

Thank You as Always!

Once again thanks to all those new and existing who continue to support us. Please visit our page or you can access it directly via the FAQs tab in the menu.


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