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People often ask me what is Australian Cuisine, ‘Kangaroo’ is the simple answer. Luckily enough, you can try this and more at Plus Alpha Kitchen, and it is only a short trip from Central Tokyo. The more complex answer is Australia is a relatively younger country, and while a lot of its cuisine is delightfully tasty, it is still a work in progress. In fact, it is still developing its own identity in dining culture, from a primary influence of British foundations. Plus Alpha Kitchen, on the other hand, is already an established brand in the local community. Hence, it is streaking ahead with its Australian and Japanese fusion of flavours.

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A True Blue Aussie

As an Australian themed bar and restaurant, the signature dishes are also sourced locally. This crowd favourites include Kangaroo steak, Lamb chops and believe it or not Crocodile. The drinks menu also has some Aussie flair to it with similarly sourced beer and wine. There is also a handful of wines sourced from our friendly neighbour New Zealand, and with its cooler climate, they are rich in flavour too.

Takeshi, the owner and super hospitable staff of the restaurant, spent some of his high school and tertiary education days in Australia. As a result, English is no problem, and of course, he caters to the foreign crowd with an English menu. In addition, he will even offer up his own advice regarding seasonal specials that they have year round. For example, we were able to enjoy Venison (deer meat) from Hokkaido recently. It was cooked to perfection being both full of flavour and so tender it almost melts in your mouth.


The venue itself sits up to 20 people with the choice of table and counter seating available. The warm and friendly atmosphere starts as soon as you enter the restaurant. In fact,  almost like a trip down memory lane, as you follow Takeshi’s trail of photos randomly scattered across the restaurant wall. You can see how much fun he had in his younger years.

Pricing is also reasonable with beers starting from 550 yen for the local draught (but still refreshing). Australia wine starts from 500 yen per glass and whiskey from 400 yen. In terms of dishes, Kangaroo meat is available from 1280 yen and Crocodile from 980 yen. These are among a wide range of other creatively alluring dishes, including seafood, meat and more. Plus, don’t forget he has his seasonal specials.

So, what are you waiting for? Hop on down for some Kangaroo or get snapping for some Crocodile (puns definitely intended!). As this is your chance to try the great tasting and truly authentic Aussie style cuisine. Reasonably priced, with a warm and welcoming atmosphere and friendly staff, you can’t go wrong.

Finally, you can check out his English menu too.

Plus Alpha Kitchen details:

Opening hours: Lunch – Mon, Wed, Fri – 11:40 am – 2 pm (Last Order 1:30 pm); Dinner – Monday to Saturday 6 pm ~ 12 pm (excluding Sundays and National Holidays)

Address: 1F Minami Building, 1-12-8 Monzennakacho, Kotoku, Tokyo

Or find the bar on google maps here.

Telephone: 050-5594-8730

Facebook Site: here

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